Black Men in Drag, Internet Trolls, & Steve Harvey

As this blog is quickly approaching the one year old mark, I can’t help but to think of its progression. Not that it has grown in leaps and bounds or anything, but it being a work in progress I often wonder who the hell is reading this crap that I write. My reader comments have picked up substantially from a year ago, and for that I am thankful. However, looking back at the stuff I have written, there are a few blogs I wish I could take back. You know, kinda like the way a person regrets saying something that they said? Yeah, kinda like that.

Well, there is this one blog in particular that I wrote some time ago. Yes and this blog bugs the shit out of me to this day. The blog is titled “Women with Tattoos”. I don’t know if you’ve had the chance to read or see it but it was from way back. So what about the blog you hate RiPPa? What could it be that you said? You know how you don’t usually care about whatever comes out of your mouth or fingers? Yeah I know, I’m usually like that, but this one here is different. Well, you see, to this day, I get a lot of traffic to this site because of that blog. I’m not playing; that post gets a lot of hits – if you haven’t read it I suggest you click the provided link above (shameless plug). So why would you want us to go read that post RiPPa if you regret it? Trust me; you have to go read it to understand.

You see, the subject of the post was the picture of a woman with a tattoo of a penis on her chest. You know, just above her cleavage? Yeah, right there. I found that pic online, and I just had to write about it. What bugs me now is that people are still hitting that post every single day. Why? Because of the picture I used. Yup, I suspect that the people hitting that post are all thirsty ass trolls lurking the Internet for women. Why do I think that? Because they never leave any damn comments on the thing! They probably do a search on Google for Black women with penis tattoos on their chests because they’re into that sort of thing, and voila′, up pop my post. The messed up part about it is that they probably don’t read the post, and now they think I’m a Black woman with a penis tattoo on my chest. I swear I hate people who don’t read.

Speaking of which: why and how does Steve Harvey have the number one book on the New York Times bestseller list for like the last 4 weeks? No seriously? This guy has a book called: Think Like a Lady, Act Like a Man. Why you hatin RiPPa? No I ain’t hatin. I think it’s a valid question. Of course, my girl fungke blak chik wrote about this last week, and yes it was hilarious, and yes I agree with her stance on him going from comedian to relationship expert. My question is: who are the women reading this book? I mean, a few weeks ago, Tyler Perry had the number one movie in the country for consecutive weeks. Yup, and I doubt his movie was number one and made the type of money it did because of overwhelming support from Black people. Keeping it real? I think that movie blew up because of White audiences. Seriously, I doubt people were storming the theaters to see just how foine little “Rudy” from “The Cosby Show” has grown up to be.

Call me naive, but I never knew that White people have a thing for Black men in drag going to prison. So what does that have to do with Steve Harvey RiPPa? Well, other than the fact that I think his big ass head is Photoshop on somebody else’s body in the pic above (that plus the fact that he looks like a jug of orange Kool Aid), I just don’t believe that there are that many Black women buying this book. I’m willing to bet that a vast reason for the success of his book has to do with White women. Huh? Yeah, I think White women are buying his book. I mean hell; he did appear on Oprah twice pushing the book didn’t he?

So why would White women be buying that book RiPPa? Ain’t like White men are not marrying their asses, right?!!

Well, maybe the White women have an inner Mandingo fetish like I mentioned in this blog a while ago. Or maybe they all (Black women included) have seen the promotional pics like the one above and think Steve’s old ass, with his five foot tall teeth, is naked in the book, and tells jokes in it?! Hell I don’t know. I do know if I was a woman, that I wouldn’t be taking relationship advice from some dude who’s been married like three times, and cheated on his wife. But then again, maybe just like the people who troll the Internet for women with penis chest tattoos, they don’t actually read.