Beyonce, BET Hip Hop Awards, & Grown Folks

So last night, while watching the GOP debate on Boomberg TV, I get a call from one of my closest friends. He called me smack dab in the middle of the debate, to ask me if I’m watching the BET Hip Hop awards. I literally looked at my phone as we all do when we hear something ridiculous. And I tell him no, while I’m thinking, son, umm, you’re older than me! The fuck are you doing watching the BET Hip Hop Awards? Grown-ass men older than 40-years-old should not be watching something like the damn BET Hip Hop Awards ever! That is unless your kid is up for an award, or you’re a record company executive. Other than that, you have no business watching that foolishness.

But then I wake up today and I hear grown women debating whether Beyonce is really pregnant, and I’m like, really? Seriously people, what exactly does Beyonce stand to gain by lying about being pregnant? More importantly, what do you have to lose if she was in fact lying about her pregnancy? Were you invited to the baby shower, and are you now worrying about showing up with that expensive gift your broke-ass obviously can’t afford? Listen, the only person who should be worrying about whether she’s llying about being pregnant, is the dude worrying about getting a second job at MJcDonalds just to make child support payments. I’m not sure if her husband Jay-Z is too worried or in a financial pinch, so who are you to question it. I swear, some of y’all need to get some business.

Look, just be happy that the woman is even able to get pregnant. Hell, take it a step further and throw a celebratory party for Jay-Z’s lazy sperm making it. Do something positive if you feel like it. However, stay away from all the conspiracy talk, please? Seriously, getting sucked in to the “fake pregnancy” debate really makes you look silly. I mean, like, who cares? I know I don’t.