Barack Obama’s “Illegal Alien” Aunt Speaks Out: “The System Took Advantage Of Me”

As if right on cue, with all the recent rhetoric about Barack Obama and his “Kenyan anti-Colonialist” daddy who is somehow running the country from the grave, Obama’s “illegal immigrant” aunt Zeituni Onyango has crawled out from under a rock. And in no uncertain terms, she’s managed to piss a few people off.

In a recent interview with a Boston’s WBZ-TV’s Johnathan Elias, she has managed to fire up our right-wing anti-immigration friends and neighbors. By asserting that, “the system took advantage of her,” and that the United States has “the obligation to make me a citizen,” she has certainly drawn much needed scrutiny of the broken system of immigration.

And you know what? The way the following interview is presented, it’s understandable as to why some may be upset, and are of the opinion that her Kenyan-born nephew and illegitimate president, just might have had a hand in her being granted Asylum, and thus being allowed to lawfully remain in the country.

Now of course since Barack Obama is the evil overlord and the mastermind behind everything that’s wrong with the country. It’s easy to assume that he exerted his executive privilige and power to influence the immigration judges decision in her case. I mean, it’s really that easy, right?

But the truth is boys and girls, the “liberal immigration activist judge” who granted her asylum, based his decision on the fact, that it was an anonymous federal official who leaked information of her status to the media. An act that actually placed her life in danger, not only here,m but especially if she was deported to the planet Krypton Kenya where all the Obama’s are from.

So excuse her for sounding somewhat arrogant and elitist as do all people living in public housing. But if my life became endangered and was scrutinized as I’m sure hers was since 2008, I’d be a little upset too. But disagree with her all you like. The fact that she’s been granted asylum has already positioned her for permanent residency, and hopefully as in most cases, citizenship to the United States of America?