Barack Obama’s “Compromise” on Extending Bush Tax Cuts is Morally Reprehensible

Have you noticed just how quickly it’s gotten cold all across the country. You may think it’s just the natural progression of the weather. But I say it’s the Obama effect which is the result of making a “deal” with the devil by extending those awesomely groovy Bush Tax Cuts. Yeah, that was fucked up, Barack; and now that hell has frozen over, because of your compromise there are icicles on my balls. Sure you might say it’s winter and that’s what’s supposed to happen; but, I’m not buying it. The president has capitulated and hell hath frozen over.

Speaking of “buying it,” lemme hit you in the head on how I feel about my president’s decision to cut a deal with Republicans on our tax dollars without any of us in the room. Yeah I know I’ve already mentioned that this move was “fucked up.” However, allow me to approach this in less simple terms and use a philosophy that I’ve employed as a tool professionally for the last 19yrs of my career in Sales & Marketing. Yes, I’ve profited from this philosophy, and I even apply it to my everyday life. What can I say? Life is one big sale; somebody is always selling, and somebody’s always buying; and this is why there are Lemon Laws. But hey, a bargain is what is perceived, and Barack Obama knows this.

The minute I heard that the president literally struck a “deal” with republicans I was concerned. Automatically I knew the American people (and more specifically his democratic base) would be subjected to yet another “sales job” much like the impromptu press conference yesterday. Sure the target audience was actually the pissed off House democrats, but hey, given that “we the people” are in love with John Wayne diplomacy, I knew we were in for a show, in a “wag the dog” fashion.

As a salesman, one of the first things you learn is that a bargain is what is perceived. In other words, if I as a salesman were to sell you a shit sandwich (much like Obama did yesterday), it is up to me to convince you that not only is it the best shit sandwich unlike any other shit sandwich, but that it is actually good for you – I mean, who really wants to eat shit, right?

And Obama said he has to take John Boehner at his word…

But see, another thing you learn as a salesman when it comes to making deals, or closing the sale, is a simple line or tool used to convince the customer that making the purchase is the right thing to do. Like I said, it’s a simple (but effective) line that goes something like this:
There are two times in life when you absolutely buy something: 1) when you have no other choice and you have to, and 2) when an opportunity presents itself (Translation: when a bargain is too good to pass up).Listening to Obama’s press conference yesterday, I laughed. No seriously, I laughed my ass off as images of the cheesy car salesman smacking gum wearing a plaid suit filled my mind with the bullshit I was hearing. Yeah the whole “I had to do this for the American people… I had no other choice,” and “This is gonna stimulate the economy and create jobs… blah, blah, blah” bit was laughable. Yeah Barack… Heard it all before isn’t just a long forgotten R&B song by Sunshine Anderson, my man.

But as to be expected, some of you idiots bought it hook line and sinker. Hell, if he mentioned weapons of mass destruction twice as much as he mentioned “hostage,” with your blessings we’d be invading Canada looking for the 7ft tall man of middle-eastern descent who started this financial crisis. But hey, I suppose this is yet another reason “master salesmen” are encouraged to not ever speak financial details in the close of the sale. Yep, noticeable absent from Obama’s sales pitch (or close) were actual figures and cost. I mean why mention to the customer that this deal isn’t really a win-win when you can tell them that it is and they believe you just because you the expert were the one who said it? But hey, the basis for deal making is that you get what you want when they get what they want, right? Right? Riiiiiight!

Sorry Barack, you call this a good thing for the American people, and I call bullshit. If you’re gonna have to borrow $900 billion dollars (from who knows which Chinese restaurant) to help the economy and create jobs. Don’t you think it would serve the interest of “we the people” to spend it directly impacting lives rather than its current form of a Christmas present to the wealthiest 2% in the nation who are rolling in the dough?

Yep, and they sure do need that new Estate Tax concession, right?

I don’t know about you, but this isn’t a bargain. I could be wrong, but it sounds like the beginning of the end. The end of something that was special once upon a time. That would be, the idea of instilling hope, and the ushering in of change. But sadly, what we are seeing is more of the same old politics as usual. Where the wealthy plutocratic elites continue to eat extravagantly while wiping their asses with $100 bills, and us the poor, will continue to starve – Lord forbid if there’s a double dip recession, but we’ll see in 13mths when unemployment extensions have expired once again. Waterloo my ass, sounds more like Doomsday! Maybe you dumbasses who support the “compromise” should watch this and learn a thing or two: