Obama’s Katrina? Where’s Dick Cheney in all of this? He sure has been quiet, hasn’t he?

Forget the “ass kicking” talk, and let’s get down to business:

One can argue that Obama is shifting blame to the Bush administration as he always does. Yes, I know, even for me it gets old. But the one thing you cannot deny, is just how much the previous administration totally fucked us the American people over in the pursuit of corporate greed. You know, typical Republican stuff. But, we’ll see just how committed the Obama administration is dedicated to changing much of this in the wake of the worst environmental disaster in American history.

BP courted and funded Republicans heavily; but, let’s not pretend that Obama did not receive from BP the most by way of campaign funds in the last 20yrs in 2008. So while we do our finger pointing, and express our outrage, be sure to point them in the right directions. Our politicians are just as culpable as is BP in this mess.

The Center for American Progress lays this all out front and center, in a piece titled Prelude to Cheney’s Katrina. It is well worth the read, and contains factual evidence of just how Cheney’s secret National Energy Policy Task Force which concluded in May 2001 a plan that “advanced, more energy efficient drilling and production methods: reduce emissions; practically eliminate spills from offshore platforms; and enhance worker safety, lower risk of blowouts, and provide better protection of groundwater resources.”

Plain and simple, oil companies like BP were free to do as they please: