Oh, so Barack Obama put a hit out on West Memphis cop killer Jerry Kane, huh?

Since writing about the recent tragic death of two police officers in West Memphis. I’ve come to realize that there are lord knows how many crazy people, like Jerry Kane among us. I posted the video discussing the news story last week to my YouTube channel, and ever since I’ve been at a loss reading the responses from some of the viewers (no seriously, you gotta go to my channel and read that shit). Sure there was the occasional fuck the police comment here and there. But what got me, was the fact that people were heralding him as a hero.

Many of them self-identify as sovereign citizens themselves. Some of them left comments about grand conspiracy theories involving Barack Obama of all people! Yes, these crazy folks are of the belief that Jerry Kane and his son were targeted by the Obama administration! Yep, according to them, he was taken out by CIA assassins. One of them even pointed me to a website that had the inside scoop or the truth on the entire incident written by famed internet hoax queen, Sorcha Faal.

Now I’ve encountered some mentally unstable people in my lifetime. But nothing scares me more than knowing there are “normal looking” people among us, who are bat-shit crazy, like Jerry Kane’s wife:

Um, yeah, Russia had something to do with that asshole deciding to go Rambo on two police officers doing their job. And there’s video proof of this in Russia? Yeah right; get the fuck outta here lady! Yep, Barack Obama’s secret domestic terrorist task force had been following this guy around the country and they were just waiting for the right moment to bust a cap in his fat ass. Yeah, not only does Barack Obama have all the free time in the world to go through the secret White House phone-book and coordinate hits with local police departments. He also finds time to fly to Afghanistan every now and then and smoke dope with Hamid Karzai.

Yep, Barack Obama was bent on taking out this asshole because, well, other than holding his now dead 16yr old son out of school his entire life; yep, no child left behind, son! More importantly, Obama wanted to be sure that this turd didn’t create another mortgage meltdown with his mortgage scams. Yep, the 200 people he has “helped” was too much, and enough to cause a crash on Wall Street. And of course we can’t have that with the economy now showing signs of recovery, and all. These idiots on the internet kill me. It’s like everybody is an expert, and of course anything that happens has to be the work of the government.

Of course, I wanted to see this for what it was – that is, crazy white folks shit. Yeah, ain’t no way a black person is gonna think he can get away with that sovereign citizen talk, right? I mean ain’t no way given the history of slavery and alladat, that a “brother” is gonna think he’s something special, right? Surely a black person isn’t gonna think he/she is as privileged to such a claim, right? Well, so I thought, until I saw the following news story from down here in Memphis:

Silly Negro, did you really think you could call yourself a Sovereign King and take houses you didn’t pay for and get away with it? Seriously, dude? Oh, that one cat who was arrested for speeding and not having a licence? He wasn’t crazy, that fool was probably just high, and the car was stolen. Nah, but jokes aside, I think the hypocrisy of all of this would have been seen had the shooter, and murderer of those West Memphis cops been a black guy.

If that were the case like that of Lovelle Mixon out in Oakland, or Maurice Clemmons in Seattle. There would be none of that “hero” talk coming from the very yahoos who are touting Jerry Kane as a hero. There wouldn’t be any of that because when you’re black you’re obviously a criminal, unlike Jerry Kane.

All in all, I see the internet as a good tool when it comes to the acquisition of knowledge. However, I’m of the belief that they never should’ve given some of these fools the internet. People often talk about the dumbing down of America(?). Well, has anyone considered the internet as a source that lends to this phenomenon? I mean there’s no way that everything you see on the NET is true, right?