Barack Obama In A Noose Is Not Proof Of Racism?

A few days ago, police in Manchester, CT, announced that the investigation into the killings at Hartford Distributors had been completed. And, the not at all surprising conclusion that the investigators reached was that Omar Thornton was NOT the victim of racist bullying in the workplace.

The police claim that no evidence was found of the racism that Omar Thornton complained of on the job. They did not find the pictures that Omar Thornton took with his cell phone of racist graffiti in the rest room of Hartford Distributors. Therefore, it obviously never existed right?

Oh, yeah, except for this:
Montminy said the closest the investigation came to finding any items related to Thornton’s claims of racism was a picture of President Barack Obama hanging from a noose drawn on a bathroom wall “many months” before the incident. Montminy said he did not know if Thornton had actually seen the drawing, but he had relayed to others that he was aware of it.

“Whether you consider that racial implications, political implications, or both, that was reported to have been there at one point in time,” Montminy said. “What we know is that when it was reported to administration, the administration had it removed.” SOURCESo, there was no evidence of the racist graffiti that Thornton complained of, except for the reports from coworkers of racist graffiti? Um, am I missing something here??

Did a racist depiction of Barack Obama in the bathroom somehow NOT contribute to a hostile racist environment simply because Barack Obama was a public figure? Omar Thornton complained of a drawing depicting a Black man being lynched. Barack Obama is a Black man. A noose usually indicates a lynching. The company admits that there was a portrayal of Barack Obama hanging from a noose in the bathroom. So, doesn’t that PROVE that Omar Thornton was telling the truth about the racist graffiti?

But, wait, it doesn’t count as racism, right? Because Barack Obama with a noose is not about his RACE, it is about his POLICIES, right?? Um, sure, OK…..

Omar Thornton complained of a hostile environment at work. I would say that a picture of the first Black president being lynched is about as hostile as things can get. Yet, the conclusion was that there was no evidence of racism?? Seriously?

What would it have taken for people to take the claims made my Omar Thornton seriously? A racist depiction of the president is obviously not enough for some people. Not a racist work environment? Seriously?

Amazingly, the conclusion was that the work environment at Hartford Distributors was NOT a racially hostile environment, yet I have heard of numerous cases where there have been charges of sexual harassment on the job based on a picture of a woman in a bikini. Saying that Barack Obama with a noose is not proof of a racist environment would be like saying that a depiction of Hilary Clinton being raped does not prove a sexist environment. Yet, claims of sexism have been substantiated with far less evidence!

I guess people believe that proving that Omar Thornton was a victim of racism on the job would require that he have three voice recordings, a video tape and a written affidavit from a co-worker saying that he had been directly threatened with racial violence. Or maybe even that would not have been enough!