When Jewish Kids Drink And Inner Racism Sneaks Out

Ok, so lemme see, Barack Obama went to Egypt this week, jumped over a pit of snakes, did some other shit, and discovered the Ark of the Covenant, right? Oh my bad; that was a white guy who did that. Obama is no Indy Jones but somewhere along the line he managed to give a speech that some say will go down in history as one of the best speeches ever while in Egypt. Of course there are some people who refuse to acknowledge that this country needs to reshape its image in the world. People like that are the folks who stay up all night afraid of some guy in a turban hooked up to a dialysis machine knocking at their door asking to borrow a cup of sugar.

These very people probably see the Muslim world as a problem, and a threat to their very existence. Let’s be honest: Islamic extremists make up a small minority of the Muslim world, no? That’s something I don’t get because me personally, there are more serious threats to me and my family that concerns me. Umm, terrorists just ain’t one of them. That said, I’m glad that Barack Obama took the time to extend an olive branch to the Muslim world with his speech. If anything, it should usher in a new era of hope when it comes to peace in the Middle East.

But don’t tell these guys:

Hmmm, so this is where Jewish college kids go on Spring break, huh. Yup, they go to Israel and get drunk just like the kids in the video above. I gotta give it to them; at least they’re loyal to the motherland. I mean seriously, I wish Black people were more loyal to our motherland like these kids. Hell, I think Black college kids should go to Africa and get drunk for Spring Break and shit like that. I mean seriously, people are always comparing Black folks to Jews, and suggesting how we could never get it together like they do. Fuck it, I say from here on out we skip Black Bike Week, Freaknick, and all the other Black events filled with debauchery and drunken sex here in America, and go to Africa instead. I mean, we gotta start somewhere don’t we?

No joke, I mean clearly these Jewish kids have their acts together. They may not have a sense of history to realize that Blacks and Jews worked together during the Civil Rights movement. Not only that, but they obviously don’t know that Barack Obama managed to capture 78% of the Jewish vote in November. But dammit you gotta applaud them and their love for their country. Speaking of which, is it Israel or America? Either way, I wish these people in the video would get the memo, and realize that peace in the Middle East is what’s up. Why hate on Obama because he chose to speak to the Muslim world; didn’t he boycott the United Nations conference on racism because of Israel? I mean shit, you would think Obama went over to Egypt and put that Negro nose back on the Sphinx or something! If only they would get a clue from another up and coming Jewish kid – Asher Roth – maybe we could all get along. But then again, maybe they can just blame it all on the alcohol.

Ma-zel Tov…

it’s a celebration bitches: