Aww man, what’s that word again?

How are you gonna be the Executive Director of the SPCA of Richmond Virginia, protest against Mike Vick returning to the NFL, but you’re being investigated for forgetting your pet dog locked in the car in the heat leading to its death?

Is that sorta like being pro-life, pro-abstinence only education, and then your 17yr old daughter is pregnant while you run to be Vice President of the United States?

Is it sorta like a preacher who is vehemently against homosexuality, but yet you get busted doing Meth and having sex with men?

Is that sorta like championing family values, but leaving the country to have sex with another woman, missing Father’s Day with your sons while being Governor, and future presidential hopeful?

Is that sorta like being a prominent married politician and family man, and having your parents pay off your side action “jump off” quiet about an extra marital affair?

Is that sorta like being a political player in a certain political party who supported end of life counseling in the 2003 Medicare prescription drug bill, but now you’re scaring old people (and fools) to death into thinking that the current administration is going to kill them?

Lets see, there’s a word for this isn’t it? Oh wait, don’t they call them Republicans Hypocrites?

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