Anti-Gay Republican Rep. Phillips Hinkle Busted Soliciting Black Male Prostitute On Craigslist


Dam, no wonder those Republicans are having such a turn out at their election rallies. The LGBT community is legendary for their amazing parties so should I be surprised at the amount of fags falling out of the Republican party closet?

* Que Another One Bites the Dust*

It was unclear Friday whether state Rep. Phil Hinkle, R-Indianapolis, would resign after reports indicated he offered a man as much as $130 “for a really good time.”

Exactly!! I love having a real good time and apparently Phil Hinkle does too!

Who is Phil Hinkle? He’s only a Republican that voted for a constitutional ban on gay marriage. But maybe he fought against gay marriage rights because he didn’t want his boy toy pressuring him into becoming a ‘honest wo/man’.

I’m just saying. Does the fact that he implemented Indiana’s “In God We Trust” license plates make you giggle?

Doesn’t it seem like the uber Christian are always working out some freaky Freudian issue with the genuflecting alter boys of the days gone by?

Ah, and with drama comes scandal. The news reports reveal that the Hinkle family tried to make amends the old fashion way; they offer the victim $10, 000 for his silence (but ten G’s, son! That’s such an insult!).

And with a name like Kamreyn Gibson I’m wondering if Hinkle wanted to play with a chocolate winkle.

I kid..I kid..I couldn’t resist.

Stay tuned folks. This is only your government because you allow it to be your government. Difference of policy has nothing to do with the lying, hypocritical, law skirting white men of privilege who would be happy to deny the rest of us the joys of the country club life that they live.

No, Sir. The least we deserve are cool James Grisham type politicians that have affairs with super models while our economy is strong and robust and not these sniveling, sneaky, overindulgent hypocrites who live one way in the day and another at night.

Unlike them. I could

give a dam about who you fuck.


When you think Republican….think Craigslist back alley, anonymous frat boys who are happy to exploit gay male tricks for a few bucks while reminding you to love Jesus while they love ‘Jesus. 

Had enough yet?