An Open Letter To Mark Halperin, From One “Dick” To Another

Dear Mark Halperin,

There’s nothing wrong with thinking president Obama “acted like a dick yesterday,” when he got all up in the ass of House Republicans. Furthermore, it’s expected that one thinks he “acted like a dick,” if one agrees with what House Republicans have in store for the country, and more importantly how they attempt to promote their policies by holding the country hostage. However, saying those exact words on live national television as you did, was a very poor attempt at humor; trust me, you’re no Jon Stewart you idiot.

If you ask me, I thought the president did well yesterday; and, I wish he would act like a “dick” more often. Yes, in my opinion, we need more “dick” and less “pussy” from the POTUS. And see Mark, I can say or write these words because, I’m a blogger. Unlike you, I’m not on the payroll of a major media outlet. Unlike you, I don’t genuflect , fellate, and kiss the rings of an asshole like Joe Scarborough five days a week. Incidentally, did you think saying those words were going to result in a pay raise? Sure I know there’s money to be made by Republican dick-riding in the media. But damn Mark, did you forget that you were on MSNBC and not FOX News Channel? What in the world were you thinking? And why didn’t you say what you said off camera, Mark?

In closing, I wish you the best of luck in your career now that you’ll be forever known as the “dick” man. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure Rupert and company could use your talent for having turds spew from your mouth on a daily basis. Yes, you should fit right in pretty good with that crowd, Mark. Hell, just be sure to blame MSNBC’s decision to suspend you indefinitely on that liberal media bias I hear so much about; at Fox, they love that sort of thing, you asshole.

Your hater for life,


P.S. Fuck your apology; I bet you feel like a real “dick” for getting fired