The American Voter: Short on Memory, Full of Fear, & Long on Stupid

Frankly, I’m tired of all the prognosticators with their “this Republican tsunami is a message to President Barack Obama that he’s a failure.” Wanna know the truth? The only message being sent is that some Americans have short memories, and are downright foolish. But hey, when you listen to oxygen thieves like Sarah Palin, what else is to be expected? But no, polls indicate that “certain folks” are fed up.

OK, so for many, they see Obama’s policies as being the epic height of fiscal irresponsibility. And sure, Barack Obama and the Democrats are bad for the country, but are the Republicans any better? Can anyone including the man on Main Street convince me that yes they will better than what we have now?

I’m only asking because, well, according to Main Street, Obama & Co. should have had all sidewalks paved with gold by now; yeah, 18mths is more than enough time. Not hardly a small feat for a Magic Negro, right?

Now watch this:

Some Americans are short on memory, full of fear, and long on stupid; and that’s something we can’t blame on the White House or Democrats entirely. Yes they bear some responsibility. But let’s not get crazy.

With the 24/7 corporate media machine as the ultimate and most effective lobbyist group in America. It’s quite understandable just how easily the memories of “certain members” of the electorate is so easily erased.

But hey, the average midterm election voter is often more older, and of course whiter, so…