Much Like Lamont Sanford, Alvin Greene Gives Hope to Men With No Game

Until I see him giving R. Kelly a high five as they both have sex with a 14yr old girl on tape, I’m not giving too much play to the Willie Horton or Boo Radley allure that is Alvin Greene. I’m sorry, but listening to the story above from the “alleged” victim, I don’t see Greene as a sex offender as he’s currently being touted.

Given the fact that he has yet to be convicted, the only crime Green is guilty of in my opinion, is that of being 32yrs old and having no game with the ladies. Sorry, but if your game is that wack at 32yrs old, you might as well pay for sex on occasion; or, be satisfied with the knuckle shuffle on the ole piss-pump in your spare time.

But then again, it’s been my experience that there’re any number of freaky white girls on college campuses. That said, who’s to say that the “hey baby, do you like porn,” routine, hasn’t worked for him in the past? Not exactly the smoothest pickup line; but, I’m sure given the law of averages, someone has bitten on this before.

And much like another great American hero – Lamont Sanford – who lives at home with his parent(s), Alvin Greene has become a source of inspiration for loser men across the nation. Did he let not having a car or cashing unemployment checks slow him down? No he didn’t. He reached deep into his soul and was resourceful enough to pull off the inevitable all in the pursuit of happiness; and it cost him was $10,400. And he surely didn’t let some silly felony obscenity charge stop him either.

Certainly as evidenced by his interviews the brother isn’t too nice with the verb, and is no Michael Eric Dyson when it comes to breaking it down as seasoned politicians and orators do. So maybe this would explains his foray into the world of politics. Shit, don’t you know how much coochie those politicians get on the tax-payer dime? Uh-huh, and in case you didn’t know it, Greene actually has a Bachelors in non other than Political Science.

Hell, if the governor of your state has the ability to skip town unannounced to tap some ass in an exotic location. Surely by becoming a senator you’ll have the women throwing panties at you like your name is Prince. Which is a hell of a lot better than being perceived as a cocaine-crazed negro from the south with a voracious sexual appetite for white women; shit, once upon a time in America that stuff got you killed.