Alvin Green the “Ackniculous One” is Considering Running for President in 2012

Here I was just minding my own business trying to forget all about my man, Alvin Green, now that the elections are over. And here he goes popping back into my life and everyday consciousness with a bombshell announcement. Yeah, just when you thought he’d be history, this brotha is trying to find out just how much it’s gonna cost to run for president; and has contacted the South Carolina Democratic party for an answer.

Yes; Alvin Green for president?

It shouldn’t really be a surprise considering that the idiot savant great white hope, Sarah Palin, thinks that she can beat Mike Tyson Barack Obama in 2012. Hell, even fellow media whore Donald Trump thinks he has a shot against Barack “The Incompetent Negro” Obama in 2012. So if they think they have a shot at the title, who is Alvin to think differently. These days it’s believed that anybody with a pulse (and Hillary Clinton’s balls) can do better than Barry.

Nothing wrong with Alvin being ambitious; no, not at all. Shit, he he saved and spent $10,000 to be able to run for Senator against Jim DeMint – the man who started the recession. That said, and it only being months away from the kick-off to the 2012 presidential election season. The brotha has to start counting those coins he has stashed in his purple Crown Royal, no? Can’t run for office without those funky dividends, son!

At this point he’s just as qualified as the other Republican plants:

A little overly confident to you I’m sure. But what do you expect after Obama has opened up doors for every black or brown boy and girl with a dream in America? Shoot, because of Barack, brothas like Alvin are walking around singing R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” as they reach for the stars. Yep, the brotha believes in himself, and that’s a good thing. He might not be rocking  a new age afro, but he sure is an unusual fellow.

Shout out to Alvin Green the ackniculous one, and the greatest man alive!