Allen West: Not Your Typical Tea Party Candidate; He’s Down With Crime

I hate to be stereotypical, but when it comes to black republicans they’re almost one in the same. I mean you see one black republican and you’ve seen them all, right? You know, the usual nose in the air, and tightly clenched butt cheek as they navigate their created altered reality which doesn’t include one drop of racism? You know, because all men are created equal, and of the color of their skin is never a problem within the meritocracy?

Well, in an attempt to dispel racial stereotypes, in steps Republican nominee for congress, Allen West. Now looking an West pictured above, he looks to be a natural jig master as are pretty much all black republican political hopefuls, and or elite (read: Michael Steele). But, as the old saying “never judge a sellout by his skin color,” comes some very damaging info about this darling of the Tea Party down in Florida’s 22nd District.

According to an NBC news report, West has close ties to a well known biker gang. And no, we’re not talking the Hell’s Angels, but instead Outlaws Motorcycle [website]. I’ve never heard of them before, but apparently they’re well known across the nation. Enough so to be the target of an FBI investigation for their involvement in racketeering, “violent crimes“, and “attempted murder”. You know, good company for any politician.

This from NBC’s Lisa Meyers:

Now to be fair (because I’m that type of guy), there’s no telling just what criminal enterprise politicians are connected to other than the obvious: Corporate America. But with that said, can you picture a black republican being accepted into the fold with the connections the likes of West?

Never mind the firing of a pistol at the side of the head of an Iraqi in an investigation; he has that torturing thing down – they love that shit. But could you imagine the hell he’d be catching from Republicans if he were a Democratic hopeful? I mean when did Willie Horton become one of the good guys for the right-wingers? Surely the Tea Party in an effort to dispel racist rumors are a bit more accomodating, but this guy?