Abortion Issue Revisited… Again?

by Sayntj

Here we go again, one man with psychological issues that has the pro-life up in arms!
Under Pennsylvania law, abortions are illegal after 24 weeks of pregnancy, or just under six months, and most doctors won’t perform them after 20 weeks because of the risks, prosecutors said.

In a typical late-term abortion, the fetus is dismembered in the uterus and then removed in pieces. That is more common than the procedure opponents call “partial-birth abortion,” in which the fetus is partially extracted before being destroyed. Prosecutors said Gosnell instead delivered many of the babies alive.

He “induced labor, forced the live birth of viable babies in the sixth, seventh, eighth month of pregnancy and then killed those babies by cutting into the back of the neck with scissors and severing their spinal cord,” District Attorney Seth Williams said.

Gosnell referred to it as “snipping,” prosecutors said. (source)Now we need to have the same damn debate. How late is too late? Should we go have the Supreme Court revisit this? Kermit Gosnell is proving that legalized abortion will not stop unhealthy procedures!

Wait a minute! One man with obvious mental deficiencies doesn’t disqualify the legalized abortion point. Why are you being so short-sighted in your approach? If Sarah Palin didn’t have any responsibility with Loughner killing anyone, how does a man with the sociopathic tendencies of Hannibal Lecter prove the pro-life stance? By that line of thinking, Scott Roeder should make pro-choice the land of the law forever.

First, the issue isn’t about abortion, it’s about the right to privacy! Its not about your religious beliefs being the law of the land!  If you are able to find a lawyer to help you with understanding that, please do so. Roe v. Wade is not about the possibility of pro-life or pro-choice, it’s pro-constitution.

Next, let’s be honest, if abortions were made illegal tomorrow, the rich would still have access to it! Paris Hilton (sorry Paris) would still be able to go and have an abortion if she so saw fit. So let’s not get into an issue that banning the law would stop abortions.

For those that are pro-choice…stop fighting a fight that isn’t your own. Domestic violence, sexual abuse, and the possibility of dying should not be the argument of pro-choice proponents. It’s the law, it’s in the constitution, and doctor/patient privilege is all you need.

But there is more, isn’t it?

Abortions are for many women an emotionally damaging and for some a soul stealing experience. No one will ever deny that, I definitely can’t. Even those who are pro-choice admit to that. The weight of regret can sometimes be more than many can bear. But to have judgment and scorn doesn’t help. What I don’t understand is the stance that the pro-life stance of rigidity and short-sightedness. It’s either one or the other. The bible tells me so is just such a poor argument. That’s it? That’s all you got? God and guilt isn’t how you can win this debate. Calling someone a murderer doesn’t save a life…it might end one.

You don’t use any comprehensive truth when addressing your pro-life stance. You truly don’t use any comprehensive action when addressing your pro-life stance. You don’t have any compassion for the women that lives with the damage. You don’t point out the issue that brings about the abortion itself. The job pay inequities, age, lack of education, or even the issue of station in life just doesn’t get your attention or effort.
That’s why their problem is staring them in the face harder than they can defend their position. The problem isn’t your pro-life stance…it’s your anti-living stance.

You don’t honor the life of the child once it’s born…NO YOU DON’T!

So let a pragmatic man that is pro-life in his emotional belief, but pro-choice in his logical stance gives some suggestions. I hope that you don’t mind. If you want to work to end abortions, get away from the clinics and address the problems. Empirical studies show that environment, education, and support on a comprehensive holistic level reduce the numbers of abortions.

Education is the fault of everyone, yet I don’t see you putting your skin in the game. Try educating them before they get to the clinic before you damn them to hell. Whatever you do… saying, “just say no,” isn’t educating anyone. Be concerned about how young couples (yes, couples make a baby) are engaging in their relationships, help the parents; be accessible.

Class is truly a great indicator (keep in mind education and class is generally symbiotic) to reducing the numbers as well. That means every time you see poor people and you frown upon them and their position, you have become part of the problem. Why not find out why jobs are hard to come by, why training is difficult to get, and what can you do to fix the problem.

Now I could keep going about the issues and hurdles to make abortions be easier to say no to. But I want to see if a pro-life person can just take one step, a first step to helping. I am asking as one Christian to another, put the bible down and pick up the path of Christ. Humanity needs you.