Abducted woman returns after 18yrs: Wait, you mean to tell me her kidnappers and rapist were not Black? Something ain’t right!

So I caught the news about the woman who is now 29yrs old and reunited with her mother after being abducted when she was 11yrs old. Abducted by two of the sickest religious nutjobs on the face of the earth in my opinion [no seriously, click and read this]. When I first heard the story I thought, “thank God Black kids don’t get abducted or ever go missing in this country.” I’m actually still trying to wrap my head around why a woman would be party to such an act by a convicted sex offender in kidnapping a child, having sex with her resulting in a pregnancy when she’s only 14yrs old. I’m not gonna lie, but when I saw their mug shots on my TV my reaction was typical, stereotypical actually as I ushered the words “crazy ass white folks.”

Speaking of which, here’s a comment about this story from one of my favorite sites:

It is great that she is finally back home and away from the filthy scum that kidnapped her. People like that should get their skin dyed brown (if it’s not already brown) because they are just as bad as the filthy negros and mexicans that infest this nation. [source:stormfront.com]Ok yeah, so that may come off a tad bit on the racist side; I can’t wait for the hate mail to pour in. But there is no denying that “certain people” do some of the most heinous shit known to human beings. No joke, it’s as if “certain people” corner the market on that type of stuff. I’m sorry, but to my knowledge, I have yet to hear of a Black reality TV star killing his wife, removing her fingers, her teeth and eventually stuffing her into a suitcase as he high tails it out of the country. No, you don’t hear stuff like that. The Black reality star always gets kicked off the show remember? Besides, everybody knows that Black men do not kidnap kids. Why would they when they hardly take care of their own.

The funny thing about this is that some of my non-minority readers and friends, are always quick to point out Black on Black crime as the scourge of our existence next to drugs (which is funny because they never associate drugs with non-minorities). They’re always quick to throw out statistics which support the theory that, well, Negroes kill a lot. Sure Black on Black crime is a problem therein, and of itself. But damn, how come nobody ever acknowledges white on white crimes? Is it that there’s a competition among “certain people” to see who can commit the craziest of crimes? Let’s keep it real, when you heard of the stories I mentioned above, what profile did you draw of the suspects in your head? Surely you pictured a person of color commiting them, right? Hopefully you detected a tone of sarcasm in that last line or question.

Last month, a man in South Carolina put an 8yr old girl in a headlock and shot her twice in the head to death, in the presence of her mother – a woman with whom he had a relationship but was estranged. The child’s father was dating this animal’s ex-wife at the time. Not much of this, if any at all made national headlines, but yet we hear Ray Ray n’ em on the 10 o’ clock news every night. C’mon people, lets be honest about this, isn’t this bullshit? I would never dare suggest that it’s some form of racial conspiracy by making people of color to be the face of crime in the country; please believe, we do our fair share of crazy stuff. But is it just me, or is it that the crazy stuff done by Black people just never get reported? I’m just asking because we never hear about it – D.C. sniper excluded of course.