Bishop Eddie Long: The 800 Pound Dick in the Black Church

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

Finally, the unchecked, cultish, pimp-like dominion that pastors have had on black churches since MLK was known for plugging a deaconess-a-day is finally being exposed.

It has been the big black open secret that overshadows pulpits since abolition. It is the horrible truth. Nobody dares talk about it. Er’bdy turns a blinds eye to it.

And at this point, no holy oil, scripture verses or a slick $7,000 tailored suit can hide a known fact that has been an ugly thread in the history of black churches for a minute. And in my opinion, a huge contributor the diminishing of black church’s political power politically, economic communalism and spiritual leadership.

It seems these days that the last incentive for a crook to go legit is to open up a damn church. Sheeit, pimps gotta eat too. That whole profit

Oh, and that goes for black mosques—the Nation of Islam and Orthodox mosques that toss sisters up like shot glassed; And I will not leave out Hebrew Israelites who “discipline” women by putting them in homes with other women who have violated policy; the Nuwabian nation with Malachi York who was known to sleep with a man’s bride the night before the wedding; Or the Santeros, and Orisha community in which the priests run through the women like loose bowels.

Let’s put it all on the table tonight! Sexual exploitation and black religion goes hand in hand. But let’s get back to Christian churches since they hold the bulk of black folk in the States, shall we?

Black pastors, mainly males, have a sordid history of abusing their power through sexually exploiting the congregation members. And largely, much of them refuse to deal with the visible gay population in their churches.

Conveniently, some pastors sex parishioners while hiding behind bible quotes to skirt the issue of homosexuality in the black community. Little be known that the most sexually free person is the pimp at the pulpit.

Now you know why black churches are filled with women and down-low choir directors that everyone know is gay because he uhh, flames like nobodies business. Welp, now you have it, the head of the church is fucking them all in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah.

Ahh, power can make a dick hard.

Hence long-dong, Eddie Long. Or should I say Dick Tracey Long (his alias according to court documents). A man who is alleged to use the little power that the black community yields to turn out young men.

Bishop Long, I promise you will make more money if you fall on the sword of God and admit your flaws.

Unfortunately, these god-like pastors have raised themselves up so much that they have provided little room to be human and be honest about their woes. Not just on a Sunday morning feel-good session (not with Jaheim I mean); but real, day-to-day issues where they go and get some help. And not from another lascivious pastor.

Pastor-on-pastor counsel does not help. Look what it did to Juanita Bynun and Thomas Weeks. A 2-million-dollar divorce, oodles of cosmetic surgery, an ass whooping, and a nasty divorce later, they are back ministering to whom I might ask? Probably folk who don’t have the luxury to hide behind money, gospel books, and fish fries.

Right now, I bet Long’s dire-hard church members are holding vigils in front of the church, crying and singing to the Lord. Some of these people are probably facing foreclosure, or a dime away from hunger, but sure enough will throw themselves in front of a bus to save their profit, oh, I mean prophet. That means they will hush those accusations even if they are true, in the name of their love for Long. Unfortunate, but true.

Sadly, people are flipping backwards as if this shit is new. This is not new. It is actually so old it is intertwined in the DNA of black church culture.

Right after paying tithes comes the pastor swinging his dick at lonely women, married women, young girls, and ahem, a chip off the old Catholic block—young boys.

All those years, young women were secreted away to have babies by bishops; or women are counseled by their pastors between the bible and sweaty jukes in his office might finally get some justice.

And for the lack of addressing the visible black gay population, I hope this is a wake up call to bible thumpers that those so-called “faggots” you diss are Christians too. And in this case, it might be the head of a mega-church.

Maybe, just maybe, the son of TD Jakes, you know Jermaine Jakes, the one who was arrested for soliciting sex in a gay park in Dallas. Maybe, just maybe, he can be comfortable out of the closet.

By the way, where the fuck is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jacson, Creflo Dollar, or TD Jakes?….uhhh, I think I hear crickets.