Zimmerman Trial: The “N-Word” vs. “Cracker”

“Creepy-ass cracker” Those were the words Trayvon Martin referred to George Zimmerman who was following him that fateful night according to his friend Rachel Jeantel who has been reduced to an embarrassing joke against the black communty courtesy of the liberal media and twitter. And yes, that includes some members of ‘Black twtter’. I digress.

The word ‘cracker’ set off a firestorm, particularly among conservative critics anxious to state their case – yet, again – that black people are racist, more so than white people in some cases. They equate the impacts of the word as being just as cruel and cutthroat as the infamous n-word. Then, of course, you have the usual “Black people use the n-word all the time. Why can’t I?” bellyaching from mostly white people being thrown into the mix. Sometimes it’s brought up in the Zimmerman case as if it holds any slither of importance.

Anyway, I got into a bit of a small Twitter argument with a fellow blogger due to one of my tweets reducing ‘cracker’ to ‘c-word’. This blogger didn’t approve of me changing the word like that because it would do what conservatives have done, make the word on par with the n-word.

At first, I vehemently didn’t understand what the big deal was until the blogger explained it to me. Then, I realized that my attempt to save characters in the limit space backfired right in my face. It was then that I was reminded that calling a white person ‘cracker’ was no where near as harmful as a white person calling a black person the n-word.

george-zimmerman_defense-team_out-of-moneyNow, before some of you even think of giving me the usual arguments I’ve heard and read a million times, let me ask you a question. Have you ever – and I mean EVER – heard one or a group of black folks use ‘cracker’ followed by some sort of oppressive or mass murderous action against a small group or an entire community of white people? Have you EVER felt historical pain of at least 400 years from hearing ‘cracker’? Think about that before you reply with the usual black-on-white crime statistics as if the murder of millions of Africans and their descendants from the past up until now by whites is somehow just the same.

The point of this article is that the two words are NOT the same. The n-word has a long and morbid history of bloodshed and tears against black people since day one. The word itself is still being used by some whites when referring to blacks. And, I bet your bottom dollar that the word exists in the minds of powerful whites as the oppression against the black community continues in the new millennium.

Also, as a side note, white folks who moan about not saying the n-word, stop whining about using it without pissing someone off as if your “freedom” to use hateful speech is more important than the emotions of the very people you choose to offend. Yes, black people use variations of the n-word on each other, sometimes as terms of endearment and sometimes when using derogatory language against other blacks. But, at the end of the day, black people who use the n-word didn’t invent it in the first place – cracker!