What About White-On-White Crime and White Terrorism?

We’ve been here before many times, and I already can tell what the reaction is from some folks. This post will be deemed racist against white people. I will be called a racist. But in the past couple of months, it can’t be denied that white male criminality and terrorism has gone into overdrive, at least in the mainstream media.

From sexual harassment to mass shootings, white male crime has taken a troubling spotlight once again. Yet, the turnabout will be missed deliberately. This post, as well as its writer, will be called racist purposely ignoring the fact that the same message was delivered against black and brown communities while bitching about how this post is somehow harmful to white men and ignoring that dozens of lives have been taken.

In an Alternet article, it was mentioned how there’s still a question about why black folks don’t do more to stop “black-on-black crime” as opposed to say, kneeling during football games. People have been explaining painfully why “black-on-black crime” should be denounced and how black folks don’t have one-track minds and deal with multiple issues, including crime, in their communities.

But the fact that people still demand that we turn our undivided attention to a topic “they” consider is more important for us to tend to shows they don’t care to listen or actively help. Even though “black-on-black crime” is lower than some people think, it’s still a thing to them that, apparently only, us black people need to do something about.

Personally, I’m past the point of giving fucks about the hurt feelings of the woefully sensitive and blatantly ignorant.

Let’s examine what’s been going on recently in the latter half of 2017. Powerful men  – mostly white men – have been accused of sexual harassment by a countless stream of both women and men. And white males have been pulling triggers in different locations shooting and killing multitudes of people. Something has to be done to stop the damn violence, and white people need to start worrying about this before more white people, and other people, become victims. 

I’m not joking. I’m being sincere. White crime and white terrorism are out of control.

Yes, some people consider such coverage as fake news, a liberal conspiracy or even racist and sexist against white men. Personally, I see it as avoidance out of collective guilt, saving their frail feelings by resisting any hint of reality. If they’re not ashamed or guilty, then why go overboard in trying to downplay the bullshit?

These two images widely distributed on social networks on November 06, 2017, allegedly show 26-year-old Devin Kelley who walked into the church in Sutherland Springs with an assault rifle on November 05, killing 26 people and wounding 20 more.
Sunday’s carnage in Sutherland Springs, a rural community of some 400 people southeast of San Antonio, came just five weeks after the worst gun massacre in modern US history, when a gunman killed 58 people at an open-air concert in Las Vegas. / AFP PHOTO / OFF / – / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE – NO MARKETING – NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS – DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS
-/AFP/Getty Images

Case in point, right-wing commentator Gavin McInnes tried to minimize white terrorism by arguing that they weren’t politically motivated. “Dylann Roof, Batman shooting, Columbine—those are mental midget lunatic drug addict psychos on crazy medication. That’s not terrorism.” Funny, because according to McInnes, if it’s done by Muslims, then it is terrorism. Simple.

And then, there’s Texas Governor Greg Abbot who seemingly tried to give the people dealing with another mass shooting that occurred at a church in Sutherland Spring, Texas that took the lives of over 20 people, crashed and burned when he reminded them that there were worse acts of evil prior, Hitler being one of them. Don’t believe me, check out his Fox News interview here. Apparently, taking the lives of over a dozen or so people at a place where such an act would be unheard of is nothing compared to holocausts and wars.

The media still refuses to consider such acts as terrorism, and people still believe that Muslims are a much more important threat. But of course, terrorism is an act that only Muslims do, and it’s much more problematic than angry white males with guns.

As far as the sexual harassment claims that have populated news coverage since the Weinstein scandal exposure, they’re still coming, and so far, most of the perpetrators are powerful white men. Let’s not get it twisted; misogyny is not limited to white men. Still, with years of men of color being portrayed as sexually deviant, karma seems to be partying right now as white males with wealth are the faces of sexual deviance.

There will be defenders as usual, and ordinarily in the past, I would gloat hard. But this shit is not something I take pleasure in observing. This is serious, deadly serious. America must do something about the culture of sexual abuse, crime and terrorism at the hands of white men.

And by America, I mean White America.