White America, What About White-on-White Crime?

I’m not white, and I’m no expert on white people. Let’s just get that out of the way. But I am black and I know that it’s hard as hell being black in America. This isn’t whining. It’s pain, knowledge and experience talking.

It’s common sense that there are good people and bad people in any human group. The population of good people far outweigh the bad. But when it comes to people of color and Muslims, the bad is what this society focuses on the most. Then it stereotypes the entire group under one harmful image and expects that group to clean up their bullshit..or “they” will. It doesn’t matter if the bad people are a small minority. The entire group is seen as a one dysfunctional, inferior mess of degenerates.

But white people don’t have to deal with any of that because of the privileges of individuality and basic “goodness” no matter how many of them fuck up – no matter how badly they fuck up. And thinking about it, it may sound like a slice of heaven, but is it really?

Days ago, the city of Kalamazoo, Michigan was rocked by a series of shootings by a lone gunman by the name of Jason Brian Dalton. He murdered six lives during his killing spree. Yet, he was not considered a thug, animal or even a terrorist and he was not killed by police.

kalamazoo-white-on-white-crime-michigan_1_650xDalton is a white male.  So, that means he was apprehended without incident i.e. he was taken alive. The corporate media complex started to make him out to be a possible crazed lone wolf, an “average Joe” that momentarily lost his sense of reasoning and morality. There will not be a discussion on white criminal culture. There will not be any demonizations of white people, especially by politicians. And white people will not be expected to denounce or apologize for this terrible act of violence.

One can only guess – at this time – that some of his victims were white. (At least one victim, as far as reports tell us, was an African American woman named Tiana Carruthers who shielded children from gunfire.)

You’d have to be living under a rock to not notice that most of these mass murders are committed by white males with guns. You’d have to be totally isolated from reality to not think that most violent crimes against white people are committed against other white people. But unfortunately, that seems to be the case as many white people strongly believe that their biggest threats are people of color and Muslims.

One can only take a glimpse at any far-right/conservative/white supremacist website, and I have, and you can see that this story is not under their radar. There’s no mention of the Kalamazoo murders or Jason Dalton, at least not at this moment. But there are the usual interracial violent crime articles, from the so-called ‘liberal media’ that they think is against the white race, that peaked their fancy.

It seems that white people killing other white people is not important to so-called white supremacists or white folks in general. You’d have to be a person of color or non-Christian offender to get them riled up. It’s funny and hypocritical for them to accuse the Black Lives Matter movement as only caring about cop killings of blacks as opposed to blacks killing each other, which has been proven as a boldfaced lie. Yet, those fools seem to only care about interracial violent crimes which happen way less often than they would like to believe and could care less about white people killing each other. I guess they’re the kind that doesn’t believe that white people could so such a thing, or they don’t want to so much as entertain that thought.

And speaking of cops. Shaun King at the New York Daily News posted an interesting article. It seems that so far in 2016, eight police officers were killed in the line of duty. Who would do such a thing? Angry white men. In fact, white males are responsible for 88% of fatal police killings. Yet, white folks and police are miffed at Beyonce, Black Lives Matter and the black community in general? Maybe they need to redirect their vitriol at the real threat, the kind that doesn’t look like me.