“We Need a White Republican President,” Says Black Republican

It is from my humble observation that having white republicans in office means hell for the black community. Having white democrats as President is the lesser of two evils. Black people are still screwed to an extent, but many of them know that it could be worse under white republican rule. So, it’s hard to imagine why any black person would think having a white republican President would be good for the black community, especially if they cite Ronald Reagan as the perfect example.

Black conservative author and national speaker Kevin Jackson seems to genuinely believe it. Not only that, he also believes that is what makes you truly American:

Wanting a white Republican president doesn’t make you racist, it just makes you American.

In the pre-black president era, criticizing the president was simply the American thing to do. An exercise of one’s First Amendment right. Criticism had nothing to do with color, because there had never been a black president, or at least one whom people recognized as black.

So to criticize the president meant that you didn’t like his policies.

Wanting a white person in any position of power is essentially racist. It means that you see his(her) whiteness as the definite qualifying factor over non-whites. And if criticizing the President doesn’t make you a racist, you must consider (1.) that whiteness is seen as the default in a white racist society, and (2.) consider that our current President, who is a mixed black man, is constantly dehumanized by those on the right for reasons that can only come from color aroused trepidation.

Criticizing say…George W. Bush or even Bill Clinton is different than criticizing Barack Obama. With Bush and Clinton, it’s been mostly about policies and politics. With Obama, however, it’s also been about the fear and hatred for a Black President with a Kenyan father, a despised middle name (Hussein), rumors surrounding his religion and place of birth and the fear that he will do to white people what white people have done to black people almost 400 years ago.

Even though Bush plunged this country into a pointless war, an economic recession and of course his mishandling of Hurricane Katrina, I assume that not too many of today’s Tea Baggers ever rallied against him for any of those reasons…or any reason at all.

Yet, Jackson seems to be lost or willfully ignorant of the paranoia and hostility generated by his party, not to mention that he believes that Ronald Reagan was one of the best republican Presidents black people ever had:

African-American columnist Joseph Perkins has studied the effects of Reaganomics on black America. He found that, after the Reagan tax cuts gained traction, African-American unemployment fell from 19.5 percent in 1983 to 11.4 percent in 1989. Black-owned businesses saw income rise from $12.4 billion in 1982 to $18.1 billion in 1987—an annual average growth rate of 7.9 percent. The black middle class expanded by one-third during the Reagan years, from 3.6 million to 4.8 million.

That ain’t the way I heard it. The way I heard it, Reagan’s Presidential era was soaked with systematic white supremacy, and poor, urban blacks were his primary targets.

During the time of Reaganomincs, The 40th President did whatever he could possible to roll back civil rights progress and saw their leaders as the generals to discredit. The most damning historical evidence stems from the 1980 presidential kick-off campaign rally which was held to an all white audience, almost at the exact spot of the 1964 murders of three civil rights leaders where he said he believes in “states rights”. Within his oratory came racially charged and coded messages that would lay the blueprint for future political rhetoric and sentiment for years to come.

But wait. There’s more.

Reagan was firmly against affirmative action as he vehemently told reporters during a press conference. He slashed the Civil Rights Commission and any and all federally funded training programs. He lashed out at poor, black, female welfare recipients, referring to them as “welfare queens“. He procrastinated on imposing Congressional sanctions on apartheid in South Africa, in which he eventually vetoed in the end. And it was reported that he mocked and demoralized civil rights leaders, including Dr. King himself.

And if you think this is just liberal gossip, what is not a load of malarkey is the War on Drugs. Now, even though President Richard Nixon, another Republican President with questionable motives, first came up with the words, it was Reagan that took it to a new and destructive level as he sought to shrink government and expand prisons.

Reagan and his wife Nancy portrayed themselves to be anti-drug advocates, leading the “Just Say No” campaign. The media complied and largely helped to send anti-drug messages to the youth in the form of after school specials and public service announcements.

However, the news media took a more racial approach as crack-cocaine began flooding the streets. Crack became known as the drug used and sold by young black men and would be inappropriately and racially linked to inner city violent crime and high crime rates overall, adding the unexplained stigma of black male criminality. As a result, there was a push for stiffer and harsher sentences for crack abusers and dealers. Young black men from urban landscapes became the face of drug crime on the six o’ clock news, and the image of black male thugs strengthened in media images and politics.

Wait, what did that Negro say?!!!
Wait, what did that Negro say?!!!

What was hardly mentioned was that whites have as much drug use as blacks. Yet, powder cocaine was either largely ignored or, if the user or anyone caught with it, was given lighter sentences compared to crack users. Since most powder cocaine was used by whites from the suburbs, they were never targeted or imprisoned anywhere near as often as blacks even though the rate of drug use was almost the same between the two groups.

What is evident is the racial implications of both states of drugs. Crack was seen as the drug in poor black communities. So, the connection was made that those communities were the most dangerous, and as such, needed the most policing. Reagan poured as much revenue as possible to put more cops on the street. Poor black communities were under the radar for suspected criminal activity while white communities got high without any suspicions. As a result, the prison population began rising due to the government’s stance on being “tough on crime” even though most people incarcerated were for nonviolent drug offenses.

The War on Drugs dealt several blows to the black community. Many offenders ended up in prison for long periods of time for non-violent drug related crimes. Many black families were torn apart with mostly young black men under the watchful eye of the police. And the stigma of black neighborhoods led to the decline of business and job opportunities leaving people under or unemployment struggling in poor environments.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Well Wolf, if they didn’t take drugs in the first place, they wouldn’t end up in prison. Two things: One, black folks are not the biggest drug users or dealers in this nation. And two, take a page out of your playbook of personal responsibility and conclude that if the American government hadn’t flooded the streets with crack and guns, maybe there wouldn’t have been any access to begin with.

In 1996, during Clinton’s Presidency where he inherited and carried out the fake war after his predecessor George H. W. Bush, it was revealed that the U.S. Government – YOUR government – was behind the influx of drugs into the black community, thanks to Nicaraguan Contras who smuggled crack-cocaine into South Central Los Angeles to support their war against the Nicaraguan government. According to Gary Webb, the drug trade in the San Francisco Bay Area generated millions in profits to a Latin American guerilla army ran by the CIA, until the cover was blown on their operation.

This was done during the reign of the “Gipper”. If you don’t like him now, you must really be lost as hell. Judging by the rest of your piece, you may need to rethink your stance on conservative republicanism:

Black racists don’t complain when black people are marginalized and insulted with policies that dumb down black America, like the lessening of academic standards. They are fine telling black youths that those youths are less smart than all other ethnic groups. Certainly no future ramifications from that policy, said nobody ever.

Mr. Jackson, before you talk about black racists, why not examine if you are one of them. From the way you refer to them, you may have an intra-racist view of your own people, as you claim that we generally could care less about our own marginalization or the way our youth is being shortchanged in education. It’s as if you’re saying we like being screwed. You may not mean it to that extent, but to make conclusions such as the one mentioned indicates that you must get your information about black people from white people.

I’m not saying we all should agree on the same things because we are not a monolith. But still, to not know the people you’re siding with is to set yourself up. This is not to say all conservatives and republicans are complete jackasses, but most of them really don’t care about black people, even the ones kissing their asses.

And yes, liberals and democrats are just as shifty in their own unique way. We know many of them seem progressive, they still think in the past. Racism is engrained in their party as it is the one yours, and a lot of your modern era Republican Presidents and their administrations are certainly under deep suspicion. Hell, many are already convicted in many eyes. And I know that old Ronny Reagan, George Bush Sr. and Jr. or Dick Nixon are no exceptions.

Yeah. We need a White Republican President like the black community needs another recession.