Video: Florida Man Tasered and Arrested for Jaywalking

Oh great, black people are getting tasered and arrested for jaywalking now. Yep, we should all feel safer these days…

There is some pretty saucy news coming out of Florida as new evidence released in the case of George Zimmerman for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. The big news of the day involves witness testimony of a witness who alleges that Zimmerman was a child molester… as a child. I’m not going to get into a discussion of the allegations because in my opinion, none of the allegations are relevant to the case at hand. Let’s be honest, Trayvon Martin isn’t dead because George Zimmerman allegedly sexually molested a girl two years his junior when he was 8-years-old.

But don’t tell that to the media or the many folks around the internet chattering about it; let them tell it, this is the proverbial smoking gun that kills Zimmerman’s defense. Which is funny in itself because it was announced by the FBI last Thursday, that after months of investigation, the Trayvon Martin homicide showed no evidence of racial motivation or bias; nor were there any civil rights violations. But somehow the media missed that tidbit, and opted to go with the sensationalist headlines.

Federal authorities investigating the death of black teenager Trayvon Martin interviewed dozens of people who knew shooter George Zimmerman — and none said the neighborhood watch volunteer was racist, according to news reports of documents released Thursday.

{…] Agents also interviewed the Sanford Police Department’s lead investigator, Chris Serino, on the Zimmerman case, the Sentinel reported. Serino reportedly said Zimmerman pursued Martin based on his attire. But, he added, though Zimmerman has a “little hero complex,” he wasn’t a racist.

Similarly, Zimmerman’s former fiancee told the FBI that Zimmerman had a bad temper but did not seem racially biased. The violence in their relationship escalated and culminated in domestic-violence injunctions against each other in 2005.

His fiancee also said Zimmerman had mentioned wanting to be a police officer. (Source)

However, on another note, it would appear that there’s a huge crime problem in the state of Florida. No,the crime problem is not related to young black teens being innocently shot to death; nor does it involve black women with false self-defense claims serving prison time. Given the fact that I’m discussing it, obviously this problem has something to do with race. So what’s the problem down in Florida? Well, it would appear that in the bedding metropolis that is Castleberry, Florida, there’s a huge problem with jaywalking. Not quite the menacing crime where you currently reside; but, clearly it’s a crime and problem of epic proportions in the Sunshine State. Why do I say this? Check out what happened to Zikomo Peurifoy recently when he encountered the police.

Peurifoy was stopped by Castleberry’s finest for improperly proceeding along a local thoroughfare. When asked to produce identification by police, Peurifoy’s refusal resulted in an arrest after having a taser deployed on him three times. The entire incident was caught on tape by Peurifoy’s friend, Noelle Price, who was also arrested for allegedly aiding and abetting this criminal mastermind.

Check out the video:

Now here’s the funny part: upon review of the above recording, local police have concluded that officers acted appropriately. Not only that, they’re now going to use the above recording as a teachable moment. Yes, the video will utilized in the training of future police officers.

Florida police said they followed procedure when they Tasered accused jaywalker Zikomo Peurifoy three times when he refused to provide identification after police stopped him for allegedly jaywalking.

A video of the altercation taken by Peurifoy’s friend Noelle Price, who was arrested along with him, and which Peurifoy posted to his Youtube account, may now be shown to officers as an example of how to properly handle an uncooperative suspect, said Capt. David Del Rosso, of the Casselberry Florida Police Department.

“The officers were polite the whole time through and gave good verbal commands,” Del Rosso said. “You hear the officer saying why he stopped him.”

[…] Del Rosso said asking for identification when a person is stopped is standard police procedure. It allows officers to check for outstanding warrants. (Source)

Now I won’t go into detail about how this serves as yet another example of how police officers harass black folks — nope, we’ve discussed this at length before. Instead, I’ll leave it up to you to debate whether you believe the officers in this case were justified in handling the situation in the manner they did. Yeah, I know none of this would have happened if the officers request for identification were granted. And of course that might be true. However, I wonder how many of you are aware that in some states you’re not required to identify yourself if asked by police? Unfortunately for the brother in the video above, Florida isn’t one of those states — currently, there are 24 states with “stop and identify” laws. Oh, and about police harassment and people of color, checkout the following video.