Van Jones Asks, “What if Donald Trump was Black?”

In the wake of the release of video wherein Donald Trump brags about sexually assaulting women, noted political commentator, Van Jones, took to Facebook to discuss the issue. Jones did so in the context of race. Jones’ commentary is a perfect illustration of White Privilege and the pervasive nature of racism in its systemic application. In the video, Jones says Trump is the real “super-predator.”

His line was a play on the controversial use of the racialized term “super-predator” used by Hilary Clinton in 1995. Jones’ use of the term in referring to Trump was powerful. Back then, the term was used by Clinton and others to help push a new Crime Bill. While Clinton’s use of the term was never race-specific, it’s widely perceived as a racist reference to young black men, by many. It is with this context in mind that Jones’ remarks were apropos.

Van Jones made extremely salient points in arguing that things would be different if Donald Trump was indeed black. Which is a point with which I agree. Hell, back in 2008, right-wingers wouldn’t allow Barack Obama to continue to attend Rev. Jeremiah’s church when a video of Obama’s minister chastising American policy surfaced. Yet, today, many of the same people are continuing to embrace Donald Trump after implicating himself of criminally sexual behavior. Can you imagine Obama being allowed to be president if he was DTrump?

Watch the video below:

For many, Trump’s comments were seen as locker-room talk and nothing more. Listen, it’s not about Trump’s words. It’s not about the word “pussy.” It’s about Trump’s admission of a criminally sexual act. Period! If you ignore this and reduce his remarks to just simple boyish locker-room banter. If you do, then you’re every bit of an enabler. Which is highly problematic in itself.

van-jones-800x430Yes, it’s like you’re saying, “Hey, Donald! Here’s my daughter. Please, come grab her pussy.” Not that you have to have a daughter, a wife, or female relatives to understand this. As a human being with a semblance of moral values – if only a little bit – this shouldn’t be something that needs to be explained, at all.

One has to wonder if Donald Trump would see one of his rich black friends (yes, I’m looking at you, Mike Tyson) bragging about grabbing Ivanka’s “pussy” without invitation, as locker-room banter? Well, he does consider her a “piece of ass.” So, I imagine that he wouldn’t have a problem with it.

I doubt he would. In fact, I’m sure he wouldn’t. He’d blame it on hip hop. He’d blame it on Barack Obama. Trump would most definitely attribute it to typical “nigger” behavior. You know, because, everyone knows that black men are savages. He would say that black men are hypersexual beasts who can’t control themselves. And like the Central Park Five, he’d be calling for the death penalty.

He’d be so pissed that he’d find a way to propose sending black people back to Africa, as a result of it. And, of course, when confronted with the fact that he once defended Mike Tyson against rape allegations. We could expect Trump to lie and say that he did not. This is what Trump would do if the shoe was on the other foot, racially. Also, I imagine the conversations would be different. Within media circles, they would be focused on Trump’s admission as a criminal act.

Am I wrong?