Trolls, Race-Baiters, & Their Projection Issues

This week has certainly been eventful, and not in a good way mostly. We had a mass shooting at a navy yard in Washington D.C. that rocked the nation, and just as I feared, it was done by a brotha. Aaron Alexis was reported as a man with mental illnesses that a history of gun violence. Yet, somehow he was able to obtain a gun and start taking lives before his was eventually snuffed out by police.

Those of you who are black probably cringed hearing about this. You probably hoped it was a crazy-ass white person as most mass shootings seem to be the calling of a white man who lost his damn mind. Turns out this is not the case. It was a black that went violently insane. And as we all know, white people will cherish this as an example of black pathology. No doubt, there will be those who will shove it straight into your faces to send you on a guilt trip.

Case in point, I was at a blog that discussed the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing. This year would mark the 50th anniversary of that tragic event in which four black girls were murdered by a bomb planted by the KKK. It took place in Birmingham, Alabama on September 15th, 1963, during the civil rights movement where white racism was extremely overt and just as deadly.

Sadly, almost exactly 50 years later, black lives are still considered lower than scum. A young black male by the name of Jonathan Ferrell was tasered, shot about ten times and murdered. What was his crime? He was in a bad accident and went to a suburb in Charlotte, North Carolina to look for help. When he came to a house, the female occupant thought Ferrell was trying to break in. They called the police. Officer Randall Kerrick arrived, saw Ferrell and…well, the rest you know.

Kerrick was charged with voluntary manslaughter, not murder.

Both topics were discussed, but a couple of delightful characters saw fit to come in and give their opinion. Basically, honoring the memory of the church bombing and the victims and another police killing of a black person is race baiting. According to them, the blogger should write an article about the mass shooting in D.C. As you can probably already guessed, the dynamic duo were a pair of racist trolls.

You know how racist trolls do. They believe that white people are now the oppressed population. They believe any and all examples of black-on-white crime is not only a hate crime, but prove that black racism is more of a problem than white racism. Crime statistics, in which they don’t know how to calculate, become their “empirical evidence”. News articles about black crime are like sacred scriptures to them. And they feel it is their duty to enter anti-racist topics to let people know that black-on-white crimes are racist while white-on-black crimes are not no matter what the topic is.

-trolls-Aaron-AlexisWe know feeding the trolls with common sense, logic and respect is futile, even though some of us engage in their ranting anyway. We know that you have a better chance of having a chimp do your taxes. Trolls feed off of other people’s frustration from quietly behind a computer as they are too spineless to confront you face to face.

Trolls are also very projective in their thoughts and feelings. They love to accuse you of what they do. They will accuse you of being a racist while being racist themselves. They will accuse you of being hostile, while you’re really being calm and cool, as they scream their heads off and curse you out in spades, throwing racial epithets in the mix.

Trolls are a segment of the population where evolution overlooked. The ones I had the misfortune of “meeting” accused the blogger and the guests of race baiting. again, the reason was that he posted an article about the church bombing shortly after the mass shooting. They think we pander to the race grievance industry, pimping the notion that black people are victims of racism which in their minds is bogus.

Trolls are also very projective in their thoughts and feelings. They love to accuse you of what they do. They will accuse you of being a racist while being racist themselves.

The projection here – for those that don’t know – is that the two trolls came to a blog to express their disgust that the mass shooting wasn’t treated as a race issue as most of the people who died was white, according to one troll. They thought it was messed up that the subject of the bombing was brought up a couple of days after a tragedy where a black man killed several (white) lives, assuming most of the lives lost were white.

So, white paternalism kicks in. They tell you what to you should write about in a rude way. And, the trolling kicks off.

The most disturbing part in all of this is that they chose to dishonor the memory of the little girls killed for the sake of yapping about how it is wrong since the mass shooting was more important for suspected obvious reasons. Do they really think black folks don’t care about a mass shooting if all of the victims are white? And what sick bastard would put white lives over black lives and try to rationalize it?

Racist trolls are morally handicapped. There’s no other way to put it. You are not right in the head or the heart if you excuse or justify killing blacks and cry how white people are now downtrodden by black racism which doesn’t even exist. This is a clear case of projection born from fear and hatred, because deep in their what we pathetically call their “souls”, the one thing they are frightened as hell about is a little thing I like to call ‘KARMA’.