Totally Biased: Anything You Want to Say to a White Guy? [VIDEO]

My man W. Kamau Bell is back on FX for a second season of his show “Totally Biased.” I really dig this cat and the work he puts in as a board member of Applied Research Center — they’re responsible for bringing us the site Anyway, this week on his show he took to New York City streets to ask people of color: what have you always wanted to say to white people? As you can imagine, nobody held back.

And why would they? After all, it’s not everyday that someone walks up to us in the streets and asks us such a question and presents a white man for us to air our grievance. Truth be told, I wish I could have this opportunity.

Tell ’em why you mad, son!

Yeah, I imagine after being a professional racism chasing blogger as I have for years, it’s time for me to take it to the streets. I mean, I’m funny, right? If you’ve been reading this site for any time, you’ll know that I’m not as “kill whitey,” as some of my trolls make me out to be in the comment section. After all, nothing better to bring people together than comedy, right? But seriously, if you had the opportunity to say something to a white guy about race, what would you say? Oh, and, be nice.