The Societal Blame Game: When “They” Have the Power

Has anyone noticed the extreme pull that the ill-defined group “they” happens to have over nearly everything? Everywhere you turn, it is “’they’ say” or all about what “they” are doing, have done or are about to do.

For a while, I was purely of the opinion that “they” was the name you used when telling a story about someone that might wind up being inflammatory in nature to avoid having to fight them later. Using “they” instead of a real name leaves the proper level of vagueness for the teller to deny what might have been said later on.

Nowadays, though, I am pretty sure that “they” is a real person, and is the most dastardly individual any of us has ever caught wind of at that.

Now, I could go in on specifics about the things that “they” do, but that would take food out of the mouths of those who are paid to tell us what and how to think. Any televised news outlet will tell you that “they” are the tool du jour of both liberal and conservative factions, that “they” are both the major harm and saviors to our kids, that “they” are allowing our jobs to go overseas, but at the same time taxing companies to bedamned sending them there.

One thing we COULD do, though, is look at the considerable body of work of the things that have been credited to “they.” “They”…

  • Took our jobs
  • Stole our dignity
  • Got the price of gas fast approaching $4/gallon
  • Knocked down the Twin Towers
  • Killed Kenny (you bastards!)
  • Ruined my credit
  • Don’t control their damned kids in Wal-Mart

Say all kinds of dastardly things when “they” think no one is listening

I could go on, but I think you get it.

To no apparent end, it seems that “they” will remain the scapegoat for strategically passive-aggressive shift of blame without delving into the unprofessional direct pointing of fingers. It comes down to time to simply accept that “they” as discussed has quite a bit of pull, if we’re being fair with the power that the person assigned blame should hold.