So Obama Had a “Hip Hop BBQ” & Didn’t Create One Job, Huh?

So now that a U.S default on its debt has been averted, leaving working poor folk holding the shitty end of the stick as usual, everybody and their momma wants to talk about job creation. isn’t that funny? I mean, isn’t it funny that now job creation is the focus? Hell, I’ve been speaking into an echo chamber about that shit for about the last year. Even funnier, is that when I did it when highlighting the plight of Black folks out here in these streets? I was told that there really wasn’t anything the president can do about it. Shit, even Michael Steele himself said that government doesn’r create jobs, but now his ass is on TV pushing for job creation. I saw that Negro on my TV today talking that, “we need to be focused on job creation,” he made me curse at his Captain Coontastic ass.

Oh lemme guess, the economy being shitty and folks being unemployed or underemployed has some bearing on a president’s chances of re-election. Oh so now they wanna talk about it as if they care. Now all of a sudden assholes in the GOP who have done everything they can to screw po’ folk without Vaseline all along – including the blockage of no less than ten job bills in the House – wanna act like they really give a damn. All of a sudden the GOP is touting itself as a populist party – a party of the people and no longer the protectionists as they’re known as. What a load of garbage.

And of course their noise machine ran by Rupert ain’t sparing a moment to make Obama look bad. Yep, let them tell it Obama had a “Hip Hop BBQ” this week for his birthday and ain’t created one damn job in Amuur’cuh. Yep, blame Obama, blame your mammy or whomever. Just don’t blame that do nothing Congress being cobntrolled by the GOP whatever you do. Y’all think I’m playing? Just watch. Next year they’ll start saying that more white babies have been born into slavery under Barack Obama than Black folks in 1860. And you know what? The idiots who support them will believe it. But you know what? It’s a damn shame a Black man can’t be president of the United States and celebrate his 50th birthday in peace. What happens to be a significant mark has been reduced to a “Hip Hop BBQ,” because, well, party and bullshit is what Black people do best to them.