Serial Rapist Targeting Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

I’m not sure if this situation is widely known, or just how many folks are aware.  However, it woukd appear that there’s a serial rapist targeting Black women. More specifically, it appears he has a thing for members of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority in the Dallas, TX. area. Now the fact that this story hit national headlines was somewhat a shock to me. It’s a good thing it did; however, for me it was shocking that several national media outlets have run this story. Well RiPPa it’s a serial rapist, why would they not run such a story? I know, they usually run stories such as these in the interest of public safety. I mean, if there’s a serial rapist on the loose, I believe it’s the duty of the media to inform is. However, this is shocking to me, because the victims thus far, exclusively are Black women.

A Texas serial rapist who is attacking older members of one of the nation’s most prominent sororities appears to have bizarre and dangerous compulsions, a forensic psychologist told

The rapist has assaulted four women in the Dallas area, all in their mid-50s to mid-60s who are alums of the largest Greek-lettered black sorority in the world, Delta Sigma Theta.

“Most often the target population is going to be a younger group of women,” said Naftali Berrill, director of the New York Center for Neuropsychology and Forensic Behavioral Science.

He described the case as “weird and unusual.”

“It’s typically not going to be middle-aged women who come from a certain subclass,” Berrill said.

“Someone with this obsession doesn’t cultivate these obsessional ideas overnight,” he said. “This is coming from, I’m guessing, something much more historical and deeply rooted in this guy’s psychological history. It’s just too specific a group.”

The age of the women is so atypical that Marisa Mauro, a forensic psychologist who owns a private practice in Austin, Texas, told, “I have not heard of serial rapist who has targeted that population.”

Another oddity: the crimes took place in three different cities over an 11-month time period. (source)

I hate to pull the race card here, but when was the last time the media paid any attention to Black women when it comes to rape — other than the suspicions cast upon them as liars — or even when they’re abducted or go missing? Hello? Matrice Richardson, anyone? Anywhichaways, the suspect in this case is Black, and to date, he has raped four women in the past eleven months. These women are all members of the same sorority, and police believe this to be no small coincidence. The fact that they’re all older women from the same sorority might be significant. I don’t know how much; but, maybe this brother is still mad about being turned down at those Old School Pajama Jammy Jams back in the day. So yeah, I’m shocked, and yes I’m happy they’ve put this one out there. Having said that, maybe we are indeed post-racial after all.

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