Saudi Arabia and Israel Treat Africans Like Trash

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Recently, Al Jazeera reported on the cruel abuse of Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia. The article states that:

Facing limited job prospects and harsh economic realities back home, large numbers of Ethiopian men and women head to the oil- and gas-rich Arabian peninsula every year seeking work.

The International Labour Organisation said many face physical and mental abuse, menial pay, discrimination and poor working conditions, and the Ethiopian government announced last month it was banning domestic workers from travelling to the Middle East to look for jobs after widespread reports of mistreatment.

Ethiopian Migrant in Saudi Arabia
Ethiopian Migrant in Saudi Arabia

Like Abdullah, Abdurahman Kamal said he too was beaten before being jailed for ten days. His employer revoked his salary and his visa before handing him over to the authorities, he says.

“The police asked for money but at that time I didn’t have the money, so the police beat me,” said Abdurahman, 21, who worked as a driver.

Now he says he is relieved to be home after three years in Saudi Arabia.

“I get to go back to my family,” he said, wearing a torn shirt that revealed his scarred torso.

Check out the video below for a graphic example of how our Ethiopian brothers and sisters are treated in Saudi Arabia. If you do not have a YouTube account, you should open one so that you can witness the Saudis commit brutal and barbaric crimes against Ethiopians migrants.

Our African brothers and sisters are not only oppressed in Saudi Arabia, they are oppressed in Israel as well. The Times of Israel reports that:

The cabinet on Sunday approved an amendment to a controversial bill that would allow the detention of migrants who have entered Israel illegally for up to a year without trial in closed-door detention centers, and for a much longer period in other, more open, facilities.

The amendment was part of the so-called “infiltrator law,” which was sponsored by Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar and approved by 12 ministers, with two abstaining.

An earlier version of the bill, which called for keeping migrants in closed detention centers for up to three years without trial, was struck down by the High Court of Justice in September as unconstitutional. The court also gave the government 90 days to either bring to trial or release all those being held under the overturned amendment.

Under the revised version of the bill that was approved on Sunday, authorities will be able to keep migrants in open detention centers for up to three years without trial proceedings. The open-door facilities require the inhabitants to return every night and attend three head counts at the center during the day. Migrants can be held in closed-door facilities for up to one year.

Check out the news report below regarding racism against African immigrants in Israel. Despite their religious, cultural and political differences, Saudi Arabia and Israel agree one thing.  Both countries treat Africans like trash.

Those two stories point to one stark reality. Many ideologies and religions profess to believe in the equality of mankind. However, their “believers” do not practice what they preach. It does not matter whether a nation purports to be Muslim, Christian, Jewish, secular, capitalist, socialist, democratic or dictatorial, many of those nations oppress African people. Too often, racism and white supremacy trump religion and professed ideology. Everywhere the African goes he is treated like a cursed, subhuman pariah.

Africans worldwide and all people of goodwill must unite.  We must stand up and make our voices heard. Please sign the petition below.

Petition to stop violence against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia.