President Barack Obama & the Repossession of “The Race Card”

You know, I mentioned back in… um, 2007? that I was not too sure of how this whole black President thing would pan out. Back then, I joked that the individual being installed to be that should someday become president, but that his name read entirely too much like “Blackie McBlackerson” when spoken aloud.

I knew at the time that the bigotry would be right out front with this one, and the fact that he got Secret Service protection and gets some obscene number MORE than the previously most-threatened President – naturally Bush 43 – suggests that he is taking these in from not only the anti-government folks, but also those who might still think he might be best served to work their fields.

Anyway, we made it through and no rioting has taken place as of yet, be it in celebration of the 2008 election or in protest of what every comedian joked about in reference to the “first black President” for as far back as I can remember. But now I worry that the almighty “race card” has been taken from us as a result of his Presidency.

It used to be that when someone said something greasy that was as quite obviously racial in nature as, say Judge Cebull’s email, the offender – usually not a Federal Judge – could be duly assaulted and put back in their place by the member of the offended ethnic group… Thanks race card! Now, with Obama in office, the “race card” has been repossessed and is played not as a retaliation for something that no clear-thinking individual would DARE be caught trying to defend, but as a passive-aggressive “church finger” of sorts; where in times of need, one needs only hold it up and whatever ill they have done is cured.

“How?” you ask?

How many times over the course of what is now up to and over 4 years, have we had someone say something thinly veiled and quite easily contextually attributed to race relations with the President, his wife, daughters or supporters; where the perpetrator explains it off as anyone offended as “using (or playing) the race card,” thusly explaining that they – the offender – lacks even the capacity to think of things on a racial level and that anyone offended need check themselves instead. After all “political correctness” will be the death of this country yet.

Since this particular President is not only black but also liberal, the hypersensitivities of those who look like him are often the root of anyone being offended in the first place, not political cartoons depicting him as a monkey or suggesting that his mother was celebrating the end of the Mann Act with a wild sex party that apparently included a fully interactive petting zoo. Never mind the “foodstamp President” claims that ignore that it was the previous President that made more people eligible for assistance in the first place.

Then came out my new favorite, that I see ALL OVER Facebook and hear on conservative talk radio (don’t judge me, it is entertaining):
“how come EVERY time anyone criticizes Obama, they’re called racist, but him and his supports can make all kinds of vile statements and suggestions”

A good friend of mine has dubbed this “the white man’s race card,” where as if it hadn’t secretly been co-opted by the other side with the help of some well-placed slave catchers (hi Herman Cain!), passive aggression has put it right back out front.

The “y’all ALWAYS play the race card” ploy is one becoming more and more prevalent, even in cases where no one says anything about it. Then it becomes “well, I didn’t say [xxxxxx] because I KNEW someone would take it racially!”

[Phlip note – this is eerily similar to the “Obama will take your guns/money/freedom,” and when asked specifically when or what he has taken from anyone, the response is ALWAYS “well… he will!”]

Now we find ourselves in position where we can no longer tell someone that what they said was racist, even if any clear-thinking individual would agree. See, “playing the race card” apparently is a tool of those who use filthy unfair tactics like “couth” and “common decency” as tools of how to engage with people, even those with whom you might not agree. In so much, to tell someone that what they’ve said and believe was wrong on the basis of any racial overtones is tantamount to stirring a pot that need not be stirred even in retaliation.

Confused yet? Because I sure as hell am. I am so glad that racism died November of 2008, because I don’t know how I would conduct myself in the face of all we see in the Liberal Media these days.