Post-Racial Update: North Carolina KKK to Host “Whites Only” Cross Burning and Rally

I know, yes, the title of this post is ridiculous; and yes, the nerve of these assholes to exclude black folks from their cross burning. Yep, and here you thought we were post-racial here in 2012, right?  Oh well, once again North Carolina has raised the bar on bigotry; this time, by refusing to be an equal opportunity hate group; and, I’m sure several of my cousins feel a tad bit slighted by this one. You see, back in the good ole days, black folk were the guests of honor at these events. Hell, it was so cool the way they accommodated us; shit, they even brought the event to our homes.

No seriously, black folks didn’t even have to leave their homes to attend the Klan BBQ, because they were mostly set up on our lawns. But no, not today; not in North Carolina; the new Klan isn’t as welcoming of coloreds. They keep this up, next thing you know Negroes will be forced to buy their own rope and hang themselves. At any rate, I have to commend them for warning us by passing out fliers; yep, being black and showing up with a bucket of fried chicken would have been awkward.

This from the Winston-Salem Journal:

REIDSVILLE — The Ku Klux Klan protested in Eden last week, and this week some of its members have been passing out fliers inviting people in Reidsville to a cross-burning.

The fliers were placed in and around Sherwood Drive, Linville Drive, Reids School Road and Poplar Street in the city.

Annie P. Pinnix and her husband were among the residents who received the flier.

“I’m a little bothered by it,” Pinnix said.

Pinnix said the flier was found in her and her neighbors’ driveways, rolled up like a newspaper and tied with a yellow rubber band. Reidsville Police Chief Edd Hunt confirmed other residents found the fliers in a similar fashion.

The flier reads: “Join us, the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, for a rally and cross lighting, Saturday, May 26, Harmony, North Carolina. Free Admition (sic)-White People Only. No alcohol, drugs, fighting, glass bottles or weapons. Free on site camping-all major motels in area. Souvenirs. Vendors. Food and beverages for Sale. Cross lighting at dusk-a white unity event. Live country band. Security provided by LWK.”

I love the way they make it sound like such a groovy fun time. Which I’m sure it would be without any minorities in attendance. I mean, who really wants to have to curb their malevolence and repugnance of “others,” because of the company they’re amongst, right?

The flier also provided contact information for those wanting to attend the event.

Pinnix’s husband found the flier in their driveway. She said he wasn’t bothered by it, but she said it really makes her wonder what’s going on in Reidsville and if any of her neighbors called the hotline to attend the event.

Pinnix has lived in her neighborhood for at least six years and said it’s the first time she has seen something like this.

Hunt said the police station has received a few phone calls informing them about the fliers, but heard no real concern from residents. The issue has been passed on for the detectives’ division of the police department to look into.

Hunt said he isn’t sure if there is a connection to the KKK protests in Eden on May 8 or if the group passing out fliers has any connection to Reidsville.

I realize for many of us minorities, such an event and shindig would be tough to miss. But see black people, you guys can’t have it all. You can’t expect the tolerance of youse people to increase overnight, just because there’s a half-white man lives in the White House. You guys need to look at the bright side of things: If Obama was indeed 100% black, you people would have to contend with the issue of white folks going Nat Turner crazy and buying up all the guns (and watermelon); and, even more intimidating, hanging nooses as a form of, “Go the fuck back to Africa,” threat.