Police Brutality: State Sanctioned Thuggery

In this episode of we Madness & Reality Radio we discuss a few high-profile cases of police brutality involving African-American citizens. We also interview the mother of a 17-year-old who in an encounter with a police officer a few weeks ago, was left with a fractured spine . His case is still pending and after hearing what a racist police officer who called him a “nigger,” and literally threatened to kill him, I’m sure you’ll like to know how this one turns out. So be sure to listen, and do what you can to lend your support to the cause of justice (join the fan page).

On Oct. 23rd at 4pm, Arnaz Colvin, Junior at Cody D.I.T. High School was beaten and arrested at the bus stop on W. Chicago & Faust st. after trying to get his younger brother, Chris, who has epilepsy, to safety during a fight among students.

Arnaz, who was trying to break up the fight when 5 squad cars arrived (from DPD, DPS, Gang-Squad and Wayne County), was singled out of the group of around 20 of us at the bus stop. Rather than attempt to break up the fight, Police started beating students with night sticks and Arnaz was thrown to the ground by a white DPD cop named Jason Tonti, his knee slamming into Arnaz’s back as he was handcuffed and beaten, even though Arnaz wasn’t struggling.

Tonti, who has a history of violence, was calling Arnaz the N-word as he threw Arnaz in his squad car and drove him to Rouge Park, where he was met by another man, also white, in plain cloths who provided Tonti with a gun. Tonti put the gun to Arnaz’s head and threatened to shoot him and throw him in Rouge River.

Tonti then took Arnaz to jail and held him for 3 days with no access to a lawyer or medical treatment. They refused to tell Arnaz’s mom and sister where he was and police continued to threaten Arnaz until he was finally released and was taken to Henry Ford Urgent Care where he was treated for “Lumbar contusion, chest wall pain, contusion to the chest and back, right ankle and left wrist.” Suffering from chronic pain 3 weeks after Arnaz was attacked, he went to Children’s Hospital of Michigan ER and X-ray showed he had sustained a fracture to his vertebra where Tonti’s knee slammed into his back. Arnaz has also suffered insomnia, flash-backs and anxiety, making leaving the house and going to school a daily battle. (source)

Joseph_Williams_Tullytown_Police-BrutalityThese often unreported incidents of police brutality are quite common to communities of color; however, police brutality is a problem that crosses all racial lines. In this episode, it’s our hope to engage, educate, and inform listeners of this serious ongoing issue. If you’ve followed this website you’ll know that we often talk about politics, culture, and race. As depressing as some of these stories can be, we here at TIOMAR are dedicated to reporting them.

After all, the issue of police brutality crosses all lines:

Joining us as a special guest is Anson Asaka, NAACP Associate General Counsel, and blogger at New Possibilities. Our hope is to educate listeners of their rights when encountering police officvers. So click the following player, and sit back and enjoy the podcast below.