Philadelphia Eagles WR Riley Cooper Apologizes For Racial Slur

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, Riley Cooper, had a Paula Deen moment at a Kenny Chesney concert recently. Sadly for him, he has to share a locker room with a lot of African-Americans. I don’t know much about Riley Cooper, nor do I know much about Kenny Chesney personally.

What I do know is that Kenny Chesney is a superstar country singer; and, that Cooper was caught on camera at one of his concerts recently using the n-word. I imagine that word is tossed around quite a bit by the good ole boys at Kenny Chesney concerts when patrons get fueled up.

So I suppose Riley Cooper was in “good” company and felt quite at home. You can view the video which has since gone viral here. In it, you can clearly hear Cooper say, “I’ll hop over this fence and fight every n*gger in here.” Of course Riley Cooper is in damage-control mode for the moment.

However, I have a sneaky suspicion that he has more than a few big hits coming on the field next season. Yes, Mr. Cooper, I see more than a few concussions coming your way buddy.

It doesn't look like the brother on the left is feeling Riley Cooper's apology.
It doesn’t look like the brother on the left is feeling Riley Cooper’s apology.

Watch the video below:

riley-cooper-apology-racial-slurAfter a 15 minute private conversation with Eagles quarterback Michael Vick — who is no stranger to controversy — it’s reported that Vick has forgiven Cooper and moving forward. According to USA Today, Vick said, “What if your son or daughter made a mistake of this factor? How would you want people to perceive it? I’ve been there before.” He continued, “Him being my brother, knowing him for so long, it’s hard to defend him saying that. At the same, time, it happened. We talked about it man to man, one on one. We just know that we have to some way move on. It’s a very delicate situation. But we all understand. Somehow we all have to find a way to get past it. That’s maturity in itself.” Bravo to you, Mr. Vick; way to go showing that brotherly love. Now all Michael has to do is talk some sense into his brother Marcus Vick, who has put out a bounty for a hit on Cooper via Twitter.

In response to his brother’s tweets, Michael Vick said the following, “I don’t agree with what my brother is saying. Riley is still my teammate. And he just stood in front of us as a man and apologized for what he said. And somewhere deep down, you have to find some level of respect for that. Riley wished he never said it.” I have new respect for Michael Vick and his handling of this situation, and as a fan, I’m hoping this doesn’t spill over to the football field. Cooper has apologized and has been fined by the Philadelphia Eagles organization, and the next move is up to the NFL.

Check out Cooper’s pres conference: