Paul Kevin Curtis: Mississippi Man Charged for Sending Nicin Letters

Yesterday I heard that a “dark-skinned suspect” was arrested in connection to the Boston Marathon bombing. I’m not sure if said “dark-skinned suspect” was arrested for the actual bombing, or if it was for sending letters with ricin — a poisonous substance — to president Obama and other political figures. Like I said, I wasn’t too sure because I heard it on CNN; and, we all know we can’t take them seriously.

However, what I was sure of, was that he was a “dark-skinned man” and he mailed those ricin-laced letters from here in Memphis, Tennessee. Quite naturally, being a “dark-skinned man” myself, I was concerned. I mean, it’s not like CNN gave a height or weight description. So, quite naturally, me being a resident of the Bluff City, like many of the other “dark-skinned” men here in Shelby County, I became nervous. Why? Because as everybody knows, being “dark-skinned” makes one genetically predisposed to committing violent acts of terror here in the United States of America.

Isn’t that right, Chris Hayes?

Thankfully today I’m able to breathe a sigh of relief. Why? Because authorities have made an arrest. That’s right, folks; I can now sleep better at night knowing that I’m no longer a suspect — at least for this crime. But they did nad a Mississippi man, Paul Kevin Curtis, and he’s been charged.

This from TheGrio:

Paul Kevin Curtis
Paul Kevin Curtis

CORINTH, Miss. (AP) — The Mississippi man accused of mailing letters with suspected ricin has been charged with threatening President Barack Obama and others.

The U.S. Department of Justice said in a news release Thursday that 45-year-old Paul Kevin Curtis faced two federal charges accusing him of threatening the president and others.

Curtis was to appear in federal court Thursday. If convicted, he could face up to 15 years in prison.

An affidavit says the letters sent to Obama, U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker and a judge in Mississippi told the recipients: “Maybe I have your attention now even if that means someone must die.”

Upon hearing this update and reading the above story, though relieved, I was confused. Why? Because from all appearances, Curtis isn’t exactly a “dark-skinned man” as described by CNN. As you can see for yourself, the man pictured isn’t “dark-skinned” at all. Clearly the man pictured above is “light-skinned”. Which is surprising because you’d never expect someone of his complexion to be capable of what he’s alleged to have done. Yep, maybe he’s one of those freedom fighters sensitive to the plight of “dark-skinned” people like myself. You know, sort of like John Brown ir any one of those other light-skinned brothas in the struggle. Curtis may be deemed as another one of those crazy right-wing nut-jons, but he’s far from it. He doesn’t strike me as the “we want out country back,” type.

This from CBS:

Paul Kevin Curtis, 45, believed he uncovered a conspiracy to sell human body parts on the black market and claimed “various parties within the government” were trying to ruin his reputation. He was arrested at his home in Corinth, near the Tennessee state line.

Authorities have intercepted letters that were addressed to President Obama and Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., and are waiting for definitive tests. Preliminary field tests can often show false positives for ricin, which is derived from the castor plant that makes castor oil.

An FBI intelligence bulletin obtained by The Associated Press said the two letters were postmarked Memphis, Tenn. Both letters said: “To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.” Both were signed, “I am KC and I approve this message.”

It was not immediately known what charges Curtis faced.

[…] Ricky Curtis, who said he was Kevin Curtis’ cousin, said the family was shocked by the news of the arrest. He described his cousin as a “super entertainer” who impersonated Elvis and numerous other singers.

“We’re all in shock. I don’t think anybody had a clue that this kind of stuff was weighing on his mind,” Ricky Curtis said in a telephone interview.

paul-kevin-curtis-mississippi-man-charged-for-sending-nicin-letters-elvisRicky Curtis said his cousin had written about problems he had with a cleaning business and that he felt the government had not treated him well, but he said nobody in the family would have expected this. He said the writings were titled, “Missing Pieces.”

“As far as him being anti-government, I’m not going to say that, but he had some issues with some stuff that happened with his cleaning business,” the cousin said.

Multiple online posts on various websites under the name Kevin Curtis refer to the conspiracy he claimed to uncover when working at a local hospital from 1998 to 2000.

The author wrote the conspiracy that began when he “discovered a refrigerator full of dismembered body parts & organs wrapped in plastic in the morgue of the largest non-metropolitan healthcare organization in the United States of America.”

Curtis wrote that he was trying to “expose various parties within the government, FBI, police departments” for what he believed was “a conspiracy to ruin my reputation in the community as well as an ongoing effort to break down the foundation I worked more than 20 years to build in the country music scene.”

In one post, Curtis said he sent letters to Wicker and other politicians.

I don’t want to go on record by saying that CNN is racist. I do, however, would like them (and you) to understand that light-skinned people like Curtis are in fact capable of committing crimes of terror. To suggest that there is some form of racial bias when it comes to terrorism or how we are quick to label people of color as terrorists is wrong. If anything, what we did learn today is that even light-skinned people are capable of terrorism. I mean, if we were talking about white people that’s a different thing. Heck, we all know that there isn’t a terroristic bone in their bodies. And as far as I know, me being a “dark-skinned man” and all, Curtis is just being set up by the Feds (or the Illuminati) just for being “light-skinned” Elvis impersonator. Heck, everybody knows that anyone who looks like Elvis truly loves Rock n’ Roll, blue suede shoes, and not pressure cooker bombs.

Yep, the joke is on you, CNN.