Obama Linked to Kenyan Mall Terrorist Attack by Jerome Corsi

Raise your hand if when you heard about the terrorist hostage-taking situation in Kenya you thought, “They’re malls in Africa?” Well, apparently the condiment has come a long way since monkeys taught Tarzan how to speak. But of course you knew that, right? Of course you did. The only thing you don’t know about Africa is how they managed to hide Barack Obama’s birth certificate so that he can become president.

But anyway, So apparently a few of my cousins are upset and decided to go berserk in a mall in Nairobi. Why are they doing this I have no idea. But, for the sake of blackness and the fascination with black pathology I hope their actions have nothing to do with the release of the new Nike Air Jordans. There are reports of American citizens with ties t the terrorist organization Al-Shabab who purposely targeted non-Muslims and foreigners in the attack. But as racist Birther theories gp. now there’s talk that Obama himself is being blamed the attack by John Corsi..

This from Right Wing Watch:

Birther conspiracy theorist and Tom DeLay co-author Jerome Corsi appeared on InfoWars with Alex Jones to explain his theory that President Obama and Raila Odinga, the former prime minister of Kenya, “made this pact with the radical Islamists in Kenya that was going to allow Al Qaeda to come through the door through Somalia into Kenya,” and are therefore to blame for the Nairobi mall attack by the Al Qaeda-linked group al-Shabab.

He said Obama and Odinga “engineered” an “open door to Somali terrorists to pour into” Kenya. “This is the Saudis backing Al Qaeda, joined by Obama backing Al Qaeda,” Corsi maintained.

“This is basically Obama behind jihadis, connected to this attack,” Jones contended. “So they are using Al Qaeda worldwide as the proxy war to take over all these countries in North Africa and now into Kenya.”

“They are going to turn everything over to radical Muslims,” he continued. “So Obama is lowering the drawbridge from Egypt to Syria to Kenya to Libya to Central Asia to everywhere to bring in Al Qaeda, this is high treason.”

I feel you Mr. President - I wish these crazy right-wing conspiracy theorists would shut the fuck up too.
I feel you Mr. President – I wish these crazy right-wing conspiracy theorists would shut the fuck up too.

[…] While Corsi tried to paint Odinga as a friend of al-Shabab, in fact, Odinga called for Kenyan troops to wage an “onslaught” against the extremist group and tried to win Western aid for their fight in Somalia.

Watch the video below:

Of course the idea that Obama was born in Kenya and Corsi’s claim above is bullshit. But you can’t tell that to the racists who refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Obama presidency. As pointed out by Right Wing Watch, much of what Corsi said has been widely discredited. Obama never endorsed, advised or campaigned for Odinga. So though there may be an American link to Al-Shabab, I seriously doubt whether Obama is it.

Enough with the conspiracy theories already….