Madness & Reality Radio: The Voyeuristic Fetish of Angry Black Women

Are Black women angry? The running racial stereotype suggests that they are. But, we know that racial stereotypes — for the most part — do not exist or serve to be a source of empowerment. That said, as it relates to Black women, there seems to be a recent trend of television shows, YouTube videos, and many stories in media to reinforce this stereotype. Some may even argue that there are many women who contribute to the reinforcement of said stereotype. That said, it can also be argued that the “problem” is overstated.

voyeuristic-fetish-angry-black-womanSo, is this problematic? If so, what can we do to dispel, dismiss, or redefine the myth? More importantly, what would you say is the driving force behind the stereotype of the angry black woman? And, are some women unconsciously reinforcing that stereotype with what some deem as inappropriate behavior? Yes, we’ll discuss this and more — from the Cleveland bus fight to the Atlanta Mall security security taser incident.

Join us on yet another episode of Madness & Reality Radio as Team Madness chops it up with esteemed scholar of American & Africana Studies, playwright, and social activist, Dr. Kimberly Ellis PhD aka Dr. Goddess; as well as Mr. Gates aka Dark Hater, the host of the popular podcast Haterazzi Radio Show and creator of the “Die Hoodrat Die” campaign. We will explore this phenomenon and discuss the impact of its consumption, in the new age of social media and post-racialism. Trust me, this one will be a hot one, folks — don’t miss it!