James Holmes: White American Terrorism, A Mystery of Inequity

When it comes to white American terrorists, white consciousness is as psychopathic and un-Patriotic as its latest perpetrator, James Holmes.

Yes, I said his goddamn name. James Holmes, James Holmes, James Holmes, James Holmes, James Holmes.

Remember him, very well, for he is the latest symbol of white domestic terrorists who are provided the courtesy of being understood before being prosecuted.

As in Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber), Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma bomber), Eric Harris and Dyland Klebold (Columbine shooters), mainstream America tries to make sense of Holmes’ actions by insinuating an uncharacteristic, and even temporary mental imbalance while quelling the white, suburban mind by framing this as an “isolated” incident.

Please do not disturb white consciousness, it is in full denial. This does not happen in the pristine, idyllic cul-de-sacs of Aurora, but in Chicago, it is expected. Therefore, there is no need for community grieving and highlighting the resilience and beauty in tragedy, the ghetto is a cesspool of crime. Right?

It is easier to tuck this incident away between candlelight vigils, praises of quick responding emergency professionals and hospital visits from Obama than to seriously unpack the absolute egregious danger of not looking at the absurdity and nihilism of racial profiling (or the lack of profiling a certain race).

By the way, has Obama made a pit stop to Cook County to hold a couple of shooting victims? They fill the hallways of the triage. Okay, I digressed.

And when I say white consciousness, it does not designate a racial group, per se, though disproportionately, white people engage in this thinking. It is a perspective, a way in which one sees the world. And for some, that is from a white privilege that sees the non-white, as the other, thus deviant.

You see, when Arabs, Blacks or Mexicans shoot almost 100 people, we are terrorists, gang bangers, and drug-smuggling warlords. Legislation is passed. Police regulation is modified. Law enforcement gets more liberties to profile and fuck people up. Idiots are given the “right to shoot” perps who are carrying illegal substances like rainbow colored candy and diabetes-prone iced tea.

This idea around who is a real citizen always emerges when the “others” are the antagonists, but when whites do it, hey, they just went bat shit crazy for a quick little minute.

In white consciousness, it is difficult to wrap one’s mind around the fact that there are white citizens who hate, and who hate America. Maybe its because we have democracy (lol), or freedom of religion (shitting me) or Google spy tactics, a fair justice system and even drone planes. Maybe its because Snooki got pregnant, Michael Jackson has three white kids, or Kristen Stewart fang banged the director of the recent dud, Snow White & the Huntsman.

But when a Caucasian, especially a white male goes into a crowd and shoots women, children and members of the military, surely these shooters are just troubled. All we need is a rigid regimen of psychotropic drugs, warm milk and a marathon of Clint Eastwood and John Wayne in cotton pajamas with the little six shooters on them.

White consciousness argues that a white man will never blow up America, though many have tried. And if one does, there is a very good reason: third term of a black president.

Psychopathic behavior justifies and distances oneself from brutal, violent acts, just like how mainstream America is gently, and strategically performing. First, by removing the killer, or profiling him as a terrorist. Then, by focusing on the victims and not the terrorist acts.

In 10 years this will be a small dent in public safety. But please remember 9/11. Never again.