Israel, Palestine, & the Native American Parallel


I watch and read the reports on Palestine. The land of Palestine, being fought over. One side with all the latest in weaponry supplied and supported by the most powerful country in the world. the other firing homemade rockets, which is actually more than when they used to throw rocks or send in suicide bombers. Yet so much turmoil and death. Every death on one side being reported by mainstream media and death on the other side being downplayed.

It makes one nation of people stand out as the heroes, defending their own with tanks and technology. And the other nation misunderstood by many.

In a way, it is almost like my very own people. When our people fought with bows and arrows compared to cannons and guns. For over five hundred years the Natives of this land have fought, put their lives on the line, had their women and children attacked, murdered even by a government’s greed who only wanted their land. Manifest Destiny, nothing stood in the way of making this the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” Except for our people and genocide in all sorts and forms on all men, women, and children took care of the rest of that. And thus, the good ol’ US of A was built on the blood of over 500 nations.

And under this greed called Manifest Destiny, lives and tribes were lost, languages and innocence lost, and land was lost.

I had a friend who asked me when they read about the tribe in South America that threatened to commit suicide on their stolen land, “Why would you give up your life to have your land back?”

I understand why she don’t understand. It is not easy in this day and age to understand how a people can be so connected to their land. I know for a fact, every single Lakota that I know, when they drive through the Black Hills, they feel this connection to their land in their hearts. I know I do. I know in my heart this sacred land is the center of the universe. I feel a belonging, I feel the ancestors that lived there and lost their lives for this land. And I feel sorrow that this land was stolen by the very government of this country we pay taxes to, to this land we still lovingly call Turtle Island.

It may be hard for some people who have disconnected with who they are and where they are from to understand the power that the land you belong to has over you. This power is an enchantment that gives you no choice but to respect and honor the land, the very soil, Earth, Unci Maka, Grandmother Earth, who has taken care of, not only you but your people for century upon century.

Until every person on this planet can comprehend the pure raw power land can have over a people whom belong there, they will never understand the parallel between my people and the people of Palestine. And they will never understand why a people will fight long and hard for their land. And they will never understand that you can not own land, especially when it is stolen.

We are a people misunderstood, who love and respect where they are from, the very soil they come from. Until the day I die, my heart will be broken from the loss of the land where we come from. Land stolen, by any means necessary. Something that is still happening in this day and age. I pray for their struggle.

And to the people of Palestine, I do understand.

(Today we fight for our land with the technology and the tools of the modern-day and age of this world. We use social media and the internet to try to buy back a small piece of that stolen land, this piece called Pe’sla is one of the sacred places of our people and if you can’t give we would appreciate prayers and sharing. Thank you. Click here to donate.)

May the people of Palestine never have to resort to buying their land back.