International Women’s Day: Conflict Minerals, Rape & Healing [VIDEO]

Make no mistake, here in the US there is a political war on women being waged. As oppressive as it has been lately, let’s take a moment to rem,ember that this country is still one of the best places on earth to be a woman. That is relative to the struggles of women in the Congo over in Africa. The issue of women’s rights is an important one; however, the right to birth control pakes in comparison to what these women endure. Be sure to check out the following and assist get involved:

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the worst place on earth to be a woman, according to the United Nations. Regional war and rape leave an estimated 1,000 or more women assaulted every day. One organization, HEAL Africa, helps women manage their traumatic injuries holistically. Correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports.