If You Hate Richard Sherman You’ve Never Had an Orgasm

Okay look, let me get straight to the point– yes, fuck all the pleasantries. Unless you’re a fan of the San Francisco 49ers, a player on their team, or someone else employed by the beloved NFL organization, you have no reason to hate Richard Sherman. If you are someone who falls into any one of the aforementioned categories, go ahead and hate him all you like. Yep, if you’ve been beating your kids for no apparent reason other than you being mad at Richard Sherman this week because your team isn’t going to the Super Bowl, I totally understand — yep, totes-ma-gotes.

So yes, these are the only people allowed to hate Richard Sherman for everything that’s wrong with their lives. And yes, for these people Richard Sherman’s post-game interview with Fox Sport’s Erin Andrews should feel like a kick in the teeth every single time it is discussed. Everyone else other than the aforementioned people who have formed a not-so-nice opinion of Richard Sherman based on said post-game interview should simply shut the fuck up. Why? Because every single one of you are just taking advantage of the opportunity to show the world that you’re a dick.

I don’t have to defend Richard Sherman’s character; he is the best and his stats and work in the community featured in the video at the end of this post speaks for itself. Instead, I’ll take the time to put you on blast for your racism, ignorance, and if you’re black, your self-loathing.

Tell ’em Richard Sherman:

” To those who would call me a thug or worse because I show passion on a football field—don’t judge a person’s character by what they do between the lines. Judge a man by what he does off the field, what he does for his community, what he does for his family.” (source)

From what I’ve seen and read, Richard Sherman’s post-game interview was the most obvious racial dog-whistle since Barack Obama said “God bless America,” on election night back in 2008. Like then, all the backlash directed at Richard Sherman is just a big middle finger to blackness. Real talk: black folks in America are allowed to have success, but not allowed to celebrate unless white Jesus approved.

richard-sherman-featYes, you’re not allowed to to be overly exuberant or prideful while celebrating that a black man was sworn in as POTUS. In fact, just this morning I heard a white caller on liberal talk radio say that the Obama presidency has made race relations worse. And wouldn’t you know it, the caller said that things are worse now because Barack Obama is referred to as America’s first black president. To the caller, the fact that nobody acknowledges that he’s half white just stirs the pot of racial animus. So yeah, if we’d call Obama the first half-black POTUS, we’d truly be post-racial and we’d all be happy.

So what does this have to do with Richard Sherman? Well, for one, it’s not every day that a guy who plays in the NFL gets to go to the Super Bowl. It’s not every day that a guy who plays in the NFL gets to make the single play that secures his team’s spot to represent as a conference champion to compete on the largest stage in America. And when that guy does this and he happens to be a black guy with dreadlocks and a loudmouth you’re not allowed to say that you’re the best cornerback in the NFL while in the company of a blonde-haired white woman. Hell, King Kong got killed for loving a white woman?

Yes, for many, what Richard Sherman did while being interviewed by Ern Andrews amounted to rape just because of how he looked. Some of you may try to make it out to be about him disrespecting an opposing player, but that’s not it. If it was, we’d all be talking about Michael Crabtree the “thug“, the “monkey”, and “nigger” without class who mushed Richard Sherman in the face when he tried to shake his hand. Instead, however, we’re still having conversations about Richard Sherman’s “bad behavior” because to some people his emotion and enthusiasm in the interview made him less than human.And why? Because for some, as a human being, you’re not supposed act that way.

“The only reason it bothers me is because it seems like it’s the accepted way of calling somebody the N-word nowadays. It’s like everyone else said the N-word and they said ‘Thug’ and they’re like, ‘Ah, that’s fine.’ That’s where it kind of takes me aback and it’s kind of disappointing.” – Richard Sherman

Speaking of which, the video below shows Richard Sherman’s interview with another reporter just seconds prior to his interview with Erin Andrews. After watching the following video, I’d like you to ask yourself if you’d feel the same way about Richard Sherman if you saw it live?

Look, like I said before, if you have a problem with the Richard Sherman interview you’re being a dick. If you were not, you wouldn’t have a problem with Richard Sherman being himself — that would be, a human being. It’s bad enough that black men in America are bound by rules and racial double standards created and reinforced by dominant culture. It’s a shame that Richard Sherman can’t be be free, to live free. But then again, if Barack Obama can’t be given that luxury, why should anyone else.

Watch the following and get to know Richard Sherman: