5 Ways to Solve Our “Problem” with Richard Sherman

Note: these are all personal views based on the facts. So, the opinions are well informed. You can disagree with the opinions. However, you can’t escape the facts. The end.

You ever notice that people nowadays seem to overreact every time something happens. As soon as someone does something either shocking, aggressive, or overly compassionate, we want to throw our arms up and throw a flag like we are at a football game. Many of us do it quite often. It is almost as hilarious as it is sad. Yet, we continue to overreact to situations that present themselves.

I guess it is part of our human nature. Or whatever.

This is exactly what happened with Richard Sherman this past Sunday. After deflecting a pass that could have spelled the Seahawk’s doom, we all could have figured that he was pretty charged up. Plus, he IS a football player that likes to talk the talk and walk the walk. So, when it came to the post-game interview with Erin Andrews, he was quite emotional. He was so emotional that many people out there start throwing their penalty flags at Sherman.


richard-sherman-interview-erin-andrewsI truly understand where this is all coming from. We all know that we live in a society that is petrified of the “big angry Black man”. Or, we always set ourselves up for failure by assigning the responsibility of worldwide representation of Black people on every Black person’s shoulders. Since we continue to play this “Black people represent all” mentality, I will assist everyone in handling their Richard Sherman problems. In fact, I have a step-by-step process to make sure that we make the most of the situation.

1) Realize that he is a man with a big mouth: Some of are acting as if Richard Sherman isn’t loquacious on AND off the field. Do we not remember how he served Skip Bayless his proverbial lunch in the form of expression and debate? He doesn’t back down from anyone. So, can we be surprised?

2.) Realize that Richard Sherman was a man that just made a great play in a highly competitive sport: People need to understand that football is a competitive sport. Hell, sports are HIGHLY competitive. Before the physical, there is the mental. The majority of the great players out there talked trash on some level. You can be an apex competitor or you can be an apex predator. Richard Sherman is an apex predator. So, if you are offended by “trash talk” between athletes then sports may not be for you.

3.) Realize that Richard Sherman is bigger than football: As we all heard, he is a Stanford graduate that made it out of Compton. In all actuality, he is bigger than that. Richard Sherman is a man that represents his family and his people. He has his own foundation to prove it.

4.) Realize what YOU would have/would not have done in his shoes: Just take the time to think about it for a moment. Some of you would never react that way. Others would have. It all depends on the individual. Whatever you want to feel, that is fine. However, Sherman reacted how he reacted in the moment.

5.) Realize that you can always ignore him: I’m not explaining this one. You all know how to ignore people.
Therefore, there are a few ways to approach the “Richard Sherman Problem” that many of us are having in our lives. Yes, he is one of the kings of trash talk. That is a given. However, please realize that he is bigger than what many of you all make him out to be. My whole thing has always been this: if you want to tell the story, tell the whole story.

And after you tell the story, keep everything in perspective. Love it or hate it, at least take the time to understand it.

[Originally posted at Chocolate Covered Lies]