How Can Zimmerman Be Racist When He Mentored Black Kids, Voted for Obama, & Wears Hoodies?

Okay, so I know you’re asking, “Um, RiPPa, why in the hell would you ask such a question like that when you know good and damn well that Zimmerman is racist?” Well, the truth is, I don’t know whether he is racist or not. The only thing I do know is that he is responsible for the death of Trayvon Martin. The only other thing I’m sure of is that Zimmerman is doing a lot of talking, and if he has it his way, he won’t stop.

A bad idea in the minds of some; but, in my opinion it’s a good move. I mean let’s be honest: there’s nothing that Zimmerman can say that will change the minds of the many people who would probably stand in line for tickets to watch him get strapped to a bed and put to death in a Florida prison. After all, as Zimmerman says, should that happen, it would be all part of God’s plan — yeah, who is he to question it, right?

Oh, and that whole “God’s plan,” thing? I believe many of you — Trayvon’s dad included –are taking it out of context. We can have a debate about it in the comment section below if you like; but, you won’t win. Why? Because you’re going to try to convince me that Zummerman said God’s plan was for him to kill Trayvon, when the truth is, as exculpatory as it may seem, he never said that. Yes, context is everything; uh-huh, even when a titillating media headline suckers you in for page hits.

But I digress…

Zimmerman gave an exclusive interview to Sean Hannity on Fox News Channel recently. Hannity isn’t exactly the go-to guy when you’re trying to convince the world that you’re not racist. Yet, the decision to do so was strategic genius, in my opinion. I mean think about this: the vast majority of the people who have donated, or will potentially donate to his defense fund, are the exact demographic Fox News targets. After all, unlike the left-wing media machine, Fox News and pundits the likes of Sean Hannity aren’t biased in their reporting and expression of views.

Yep, nothing like those MSNBC racists:

As such, contrary to the notion that Zimmerman and his attorney is attempting to taint a potential jury pool as believed by many of his aforementioned non-supporters. Instead, what we’re hearing from the mouth of Zimmerman (though sounding carefully rehearsed) actually works to his benefit. I mean let’s be real, it’s not like any jury assembled will be made up of twelve Al Sharpton clones, or his white liberal racism-enabling pals at MSNBC. I mean, in the interest of justice, how can we allow something like that to happen, right? Yeah, who needs to interject racial bias in court cases?

At the end of the day, how in the world can any self-respecting person ever say that George Zimmerman is racist? How can it be said when thanks to Sean Hannity and the folks over at the house Rupert built, we now know that Zimmerman mentored black kids, voted for Obama and wasn’t upset by his “if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” comment when he weighed in, and that he wears hoodies like he says in the following web exclusive video?