High School Coach Calls Black Kids “Future Welfare Recipients,” & Gets Paid Leave

It really hasn’t been good for coaches and young Black boys lately. If it isn’t the story of young Black boys raped at Penn State by coach Jerry Sandusky. It’s the no-so-highly publicized story of former Boston Red Sox clubhouse manager, Donald Fitzpatrick, and how he molested young Black boys. It seems like screwing Black boys has become all the not-so-new rage within the news cvycle these days. Having said that, check out this story coming out of Kansas City.

This one isn’t of a sexual nature; however, the mind fucking of yet another young Black male by a white man with power cannot be ignored. Ladies and gentlemen, do check out the story of Marcus Williams Jr., and his high school basketball coach, Derek Howard:

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) : A North Kansas School District senior says the Winnetonka High School head basketball coach belittled him and made racially hostile remarks to students.

Marcus Williams Sr. and his son, Marcus Williams Jr., filed a racial harassment complaint with the school district Friday. District officials said they take the allegations against coach Derek Howard seriously.

He has been placed on paid leave while under investigation.

“We expect all students to be treated with respect by all staff at all times,” Assistant Superintendent Dan Clemens said in a statement. “Administrators at the high school and district office have met with the student and his parents, and we are investigating thoroughly. This issue is a personnel matter and will be handled according (to) board policy.”

KCTV5 could not reach Howard for comment.

Marcus Williams Jr.

The allegations are that Howard speaks either directly to or about African-American students in a negative and demeaning manner. Marcus Williams recorded via his cell phone his coach making a comment he says is typical.

The student said photography students asked him to pose for a picture in a high school hallway.

“He was doing a daily joG and he stopped and he said, ‘Hey, take a picture and then at the bottom: future welfare recipient,'” the student said. “I just felt belittled, crushed and utterly discouraged.”

Marcus Williams said this comment was typical of those he has endured for the past two years. So he grabbed his cell phone and asked his coach to repeat his remarks.

The coach can be heard laughing and saying, “Future welfare recipient who? Students that don’t get good grades.”

Williams was horrified that a teacher he trusted to oversee his son’s education and is stunned by the allegations.

“My son has been carrying a baggage worth of two years of harassment… by someone who is bigger than him, who has more authority than him,” Williams said.

Marcus Williams said he did not try out for basketball this year because Howard told African-American students that they would grow up to be laborers who made less than $30,000 annually.

“Countless times I told him, ‘Hey, this is hurting my feelings and you should stop.’ I guess he thinks I’m just a kid and he can do whatever he wants,” Marcus Williams said.

He took his recording to the Winnetonka principal and played it. He said the coach apologized but the senior doubts the sincerity of Howard’s words.

“I think he just apologized to take the heat off of him and I don’t think he means what he says,” Marcus Williams said.

Father and son want the coach removed from the high school and the coach to be barred from contacting the high school senior.  (source)

Of course to some, the actions of the coach in this case was all in jest. Yep, no big deal because there is a point to his cautionary words. Yes, there’s a strong chance that students who do not get good grades, may end up on welfare. However, there’s the obvious racist undertone to his assertion because the student(s) in question happened to be Black. But hey, maybe like the father of Marcus, I’m just reaching about this being racist. For all I know, this teacher may be an equal opportunity asshole. Of course I doubt that he is, however, maybe he says the same thing to white kids.

Whether he shows this much concern for the welfare of white kids who fail to get good grades is irrelevant. What is relevant and of the utmost importance is that he made the choice to crush the self esteem of at least one Black kid in particular. As a white man, I’m pretty sure this teacher isn’t oblivious to the racial stereotypes that exist within our society.

Again, I could be wrong, but I doubt whether his intent was to motivate as all teachers should. Instead, I think his was purely meant to demean the character, and integrity of the Black student in this case. Sure I can’t prove it, and yes this is just my opinion. However, Black boys sure have been getting fucked a lot lately, no? At any rate, I guess he could have called the kid a future criminal. I suppose he was thoughtful after all. Besides, it’s not like you can collect Welfare from prison, no?