George Zimmerman’s Defense “Out of Money.”

George Zimmerman’s Defense “Out of Money.”

So George Zimmerman’s defense team is saying that they’re “out of money.” With about two weeks to go before jury selection, the defense’s trust account allegedly has less than $5000 (I said allegedly because we all know how Zimmerman is known to “honest” about money). According to Zimmerman’s attorney, they are in need of $120,000 to properly act as counsel in defense of Zimmerman at his pending trial for killing Trayvon Martin. As such, they’re seeking donations and asking previous donors to re-up their contributions in the interest of justice for Zimmerman. I know murder trials are expensive, but I didn’t know they required a SuperPAC. Heck, over $400,000 has already been donated by supporters.

This from Orlando Sentinel:

George Zimmerman’s defense team said on Wednesday that the defense is “out of money,” less than two weeks before jury selection is set to begin in his murder trial.

The defense’s trust account has less than $5,000, the Zimmerman lawyers said in a blog post, and more than $20,000 in liabilities.

Did George Zimmerman spernd all of the money on food?
Did George Zimmerman spernd all of the money on food?

Zimmerman and his attorneys have been soliciting donations for his defense since early in the case, and based on their updates have raised — and apparently spent — about $400,000 already.

In its latest update Wednesday, the defense team set an ambitious goal: Another $120,000, the post says, would give Zimmerman “the defense he deserves,” while $75,000 would be the “barest minimum” for a “fighting chance.”

The defense says that Zimmerman’s lead counsel Mark O’Mara and co-counsel Don West are working for free, and have utilized unpaid interns and underpaid staffers.

More than $26,000 in donations have come in over the past two months, the defense team writes, “a sizable sum, but less than half of what we needed.”

According to past updates from the defense, the Zimmerman fund recieved more than $53,000 in donations between January 1 and March 3, and about $14,500 between March 3 and April 11. The funds have been used to cover Zimmerman’s bond and living expenses, as well as the costs associated with preparing the defense’s case, his lawyers have said.

You know, this all makes sense now. Yep, this explains the reasoning behind releasing texts and photos from Travon Martin’s cell phone as I wrote about earlier. It’s just my opinion, but what better way to get racist people supporters interested in justice for Zimmerman to donate? Easy! You release photos that you know would be inadmissible in court to the public that casts the victim as a weed-smoking, gun-toting, violent young black man. Yes, nothing gets whitey the racist supporters of Zimmerman more fired up than images of a young black teen who deserved to be killed.

Nicely played, team Zimmerman.