Ferguson, MO: Michael Brown vs. Police

Unless you have been under a rock, then you should know about the insanity surrounding the death of Michael Brown. This young man was shot and killed by the police over nothing [1]. And I can clearly say that it was over nothing when there are pictures of him lying slumped over with no weapons in sight. Still, another young black man found a way to perish at the hands of the law. In short, it would seem that the city of Ferguson, MO is under siege and there is no end in sight.

Michael Brown and the Inconsistencies

One of the biggest issues in play is that, point blank, the police involved are lying scum. The police has seemed to come up with one creative tome of events:

What police appear to have come up with is that an officer pulled up beside Brown and his friend, who were walking in the middle of the street. Police allege that Brown pushed the officer back into his vehicle when he tried to exit and then wrestled the officer for his gun. A shot was fired while the two were inside of the vehicle, and once Brown exited the vehicle, he was shot “more than just a couple of times.” [2]

Yet, eye witnesses mention that Michael Brown was given chase, shot, put his hands up to show his compliance, and shot a few more times to kill him [3]. These accounts were given by Dorin Johnson (the friend that was with him), Piaget Crenshaw (a witness), and Desiree Harris (Michael Brown’s grandmother that was driving and saw him running for his life). Right off the bat, there are some immediate concerns about our police officers and their ability to be truthful and forthright.

Then again, Michael Brown did lay on the ground for hours before much of anything was done. That should have been a telltale sign of the situation.

The Response to Michael Brown

What blew me away was the way that so many responded. In the city, there have been non-violent protests and candle light vigils for the fallen. Yet, the response from hacker group The Anonymous really took things to another level. Due to the egregious behavior of the Ferguson Police, personal information about the officers (and even the chief of police) was released periodically. If this situation had reached a point of no return, this was pure proof.


What let me down, however, was the rioting and looting. I can’t be mad at the level of energetic anger being let out. However, rioting only leads to the destroying of the community. Only if the response was more directed, then there could have been a better recourse. Still, there has to be a more concentrated response that doesn’t lead to vandalized QT gas stations.

Michael Brown and the Significance for Black America

Now, here is one of the bigger issues: how should Black America respond moving forward? I’m not the one that is going to go the route of “being hush hush” or making silly comparisons/contrasts to how many respond to “black on black crime” . Nor am I talking about the foolishness that too many think tanks try to convince us that Black people “had it coming”. I am talking about a collective consciousness making a collective decision. I am talking about Black people actually taking the biggest stance in our lives.

The police have now transfered into the zone of the unforgiven. Simply put: they cannot be trusted. And situations between the police and the public won’t improve, either. Just yesterday, Ezell Ford was killed by the police in California [4]. So, the cycle of madness continues while Black people scramble to see straight.

Michael Brown and the Unending Fight

This situation may die down but the impending problems will exist for years to come. To be honest, the police has practically martial law against Black people. America has had three separate incidents of Black people being murdered happen in less than 3 weeks. And that isn’t taking into account the other beatings of women and men. Black people and police officers do not mesh well; the divorce has become messy and the alimony is death.

We can protest  but eventually, the citizens will have to take the police head on if these situations continue.

God may need to help us all because God won’t be saving anybody from what may come.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!