Exasperated & Wrong: Thoughts About the Zimmerman Trial

I honestly don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been recognized about the George Zimmerman trial and the aftermath. The trial was nothing more than a poorly constructed show to shut up those who wanted justice for Trayvon Martin’s murder. The defense and the prosecution saw this case as an annoyance rather than a call for justice as both smiled and laughed after the verdict. The jury was filled with white-minded women (Five whites and one mixed), one of them completely sheltered, ignorant and self-serving enough to land a book deal about the trial, only to have it dropped due to intense online pressure courtesy of the fine folks at Twitter. Why she had one in the first place is beyond rationalization. And the media anticipated with such certainty that riots will erupt all over Sanford, Florida (where the trial took place) and the rest of America by angry black savages.

But to make such observations is considered wrong for a myriad of reasons, so many to name.

So many articles have made clever and precise observations throughout the whole saga. And I have none to give you. It is very clear that the family of Trayvon Martin lost their fight for justice on behalf of their son. It’s undeniable that George Zimmerman is a free man with a gun as it was handed back to him after the trial. It is conclusive that several news outlets and pundits of a conservative nature did all they could to “thugify” Martin. And it is plain as the nose on your face that the public is still divided. Half of them see this as a mockery of justice while the other half became sore winners. Guess which half I belonged to.

Still, to bring it up is, in one way or another, wrong to do so because the explanation would be that it was in the past (several days ago).

Again, I don’t know what to write in this article that sparks some brain cells because I am too tired to do so. I feel like whiteness has once again ganged up and jumped me in a dirty alley. I feel beaten and exhausted for many reasons. But I’m particularly sick and tired of being told what to think, how to feel and why I’m wrong to think and feel the way I do concerning this case by a neverending parade of grown people with the white racial frame.

Here’s the truth. I naively hoped that the American justice system would come through for Martin’s family. I was disgusted with people trying to paint the young teen as just another typical black thug out to rob or kill. I was angry and disappointed when Zimmerman was acquited. In fact I was in tears. Yet, to some, that would be considered wrong.

I was wrong according to a segment which sees my hurtful emotions as pitiful whining. Trying to explain why is futile as these people will make you feel lower than sewage. They will use every derailing trick in the book to not only shut you up, but piss you off and beat you down. Some will go so far as to make you ashamed to be black pulling the old statistics and black-on-white crime tricks. And all because you don’t think like them do they choose to start arguments. Sure, we don’t all have to agree on everything, but when it comes to race, why not listen to those who are true victims of racial oppression at one time or another instead of just cutting them down for whining because you think you know more about racism than they do? That question particularly goes to some of you white folks.

trayvon-martin-social-media (1)Nothing you can say can justify why you think and feel the way you did that fateful evening and time thereafter. They simply don’t want to hear it. And they will tear you down in making that point known. Yet, most of those people believe they are “basically good” regardless.Some may refer to themselves as “Christians” or “God fearing”.

Yet, what good person would demonize someone’s child based on old stereotypes and trivial findings and would refer to him using racial epithets? What good person would support a killer of that child, a killer with a shady rap sheet including domestic violence and rape? And what good person would stand by and allow this to continue without speaking out?

I could explain the history of racism against blacks concerning the justice system from then until now. I could explain that this nation still devalues the lives of black people. I could explain why I think justice was forbidden to the family of an unarmed black teen. I could explain why I feel defeated and frustrated over the verdict. But it doesn’t matter.  I would still be logically and emotionally wrong.