EBT Shutdown Wipes Out Walmart Shelves, Creates Chaos

Well, since almost everything in government has shutdown, is it any surprise that there was an EBT shutdown this past Saturday night? Of course we’re now being told that the current government shutdown had nothing to do with the glitch in the EBT system. Whether that is correct or not, I’m not too sure. But, let’s just hope that the glitch in the system wasn’t because of a surge of people either signing up or visiting EBT websites.

You know, sort of like what has happened as millions attempt to get that free socialist government-run healthcare that’s bound to destroy America sign up for Obamacare as they visit government-run websites? Yes, let’s hope that this isn’t the case. Why? Because it’s bad enough that babies and infants who depend on WIC are now forced to run around sucking random nipples for nourishment suffer as a result of the government shutdown. At any rate, whether the glitch in the EBT system was planned (or not) as some conspiracy theorists suggest. One thing we do know is that there are millions of people more than ever, who rely on government funds accessed by EBT cards to survive since the economic meltdown of 2007. These are the very

This from Intellihub:

Many people have heard the news this week that a random glitch in the food stamp system has left some without funds in their account.

Photo from the Springhill Walmart store shows carts overflowing with food, reportedly left abandoned after balances started showing up again on customers’ EBT cards.

However, additional glitches in other areas also had the opposite effect, giving some food stamp recipients an unlimited balance. In various Wal-Mart stores in the Louisiana area, this unlimited balance created a massive shopping spree rivaling those seen on black Friday.

KAIT 8 reported that, Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd confirms they were called in to help the employees at Walmart because there were so many people clearing off the shelves. He says Walmart was so packed, “It was worse than any black Friday” that he’s ever seen.

Then as quick as it began the shopping spree ended, and the balances came back online. Several people were detained by police when they brought hundreds of dollars worth of food with account balances that were under a dollar. When it was announced over the loudspeaker that the balances were back online, many people left their carts in the aisles, filled with hundreds of dollars worth of food.

Watch the following report:

What some may call theft, I consider to be a natural human reaction. Yes, you give anyone having to rely on government help for extras and this is what you can expect. To me, it’s more of a reflection of the desperation than it is of greed or the cultivation of an entitlement state. The truth is that there are many individuals, families, and children struggling to survive in this economy.

But no, call he police:

… the cards weren’t showing limits and they called corporate Walmart, whose spokesman said to let the people use the cards anyway. From 7 to 9 p.m., people were loading up their carts, but when the cards began showing limits again around 9, one woman was detained because she rang up a bill of $700.00 and only had .49 on her card. She was held by police until corporate Walmart said they wouldn’t press charges if she left the food. (source)

Oh, and if you are slightly ticked off because more than a few people were able to get more than their allotment of “free food” at the cost of tax payers. Please remember than many of the takers you speak ill of are in fact employed; and, in many cases if they’re not they are elderly or disabled. And please believe, many of the people who you think may have gotten over will be forced to repay the government by having reduced amounts on their EBT cards moving forward. Let’s hope that they make that food last a lot longer than they intended.

Over at The Good Black Woman there’s a post that highlights the racist reaction to the #EBTshutdown on Twitter that you should read (read here). One thing to remember as you do (or, as you meet conversations on the EBT shutdown) is that there are more white folks dependent on government assistance in America than there are black folks who do. Not that it means anything, because the face of poverty will always be black.