Don’t Be Skurred: The Cowardice of White Supremacy

Some people feel big, bad and bold, but only from a safe place whether it’s from behind a computer screen or the false cover that they are untouchable. Naturally, we call them punks, bullies, and cowards, among other things. We know they’re only putting on fronts, pretending to be more bulletproof than they actually are. But when the shit hits the fan, they scurry away back to their hidey holes and avoid any accountability directed at them showing how small they actually are.

So, with that said, I’m going to speak about what happened last weekend in Charlottesville Va. And I know some readers, don’t want us to harp on it anymore. They’re afraid of feeling any sort of guilt for cradling the mindset that fueled that and other fires. But the rest of us, like those knuckle-draggers that converged on that town, don’t give a fuck about their fee-fees. It’s time we call them out for the cowardly snowflakes they truly are.

Christopher Cartwell

Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist drone Christopher Cantwell who was present during that riot is now scared for his life. During an interview with, he starts balling like a baby for fear of his impending arrest. You can read more about it and check out the video here.

Prior to the incident at Charlottesville in which a man plowed his car through anti-hate protestors, conservative media outlets, including Fox Nation, circulated an article originally by The Daily Caller entitled, “Here’s A Reel Of Cars Plowing Through Protesters Trying To Block The Road.” According to CNN Money, it had a video of vehicles “driving through demonstations” set with Ludacris’ “Move Bitch” as its background theme.

The article was published several months prior but gained attention following the events of Charlottesville. After it got slammed by Twitter followers, the video was quickly deleted. As expected, The Daily Caller declined to comment. So much for white pride.

Right-wing pundits and commentators rushed to dismissed the riot in Charlottesville as a case of white racist violence galvanized by the Cheeto-in-chief who laid blame on “both sides“. Rush Limbaugh claims it was a conspiracy set up by Democrats to gain political power. Tucker Carlson tries to defend slavery by using the tired old “Africans had slaves too” bullshit excuse while comparing the removal of Confederate statues to the extremism of the Taliban, Khmer Rouge and China. And CNN’s resident, right-wing racist cop commentator Harry Houck argues that the left shares blame for the death of Heather Heyer, the young woman tragically killed during the riot and those brutally injured from the onslaught of right-wing extremists. Oh, and of course, he blames Black Lives Matter for what happened.

These are just a few examples that cancel out white supremacy bravado exposing the spinelessness of their mind frame. The whole concept of whites being the best of all groups is governed by ignorance and predicated on emotion; especially the emotion of fear which it converts into a tool of racial empowerment. But these current examples show that that power is born of hollowness and dichotomous thinking. They’re only “brave” from a safe place. They can’t be proud of who they are if they don’t trash those they fear. And one of those fears is responsibility.

This is not to say these types of losers aren’t to be feared. If pushed far enough, they will unleash hell. However, it further makes the point that they’re deathly afraid, and as long as long as you have fear-pushers to intoxicate the lost masses, fear will continue to be a weapon of mass destruction.That’s white inferiority masked as white supremacy.