Don Yelton: When Keeping it “Republican” Goes Wrong

So, what do you do after you’ve been asked to resign your job within the Republican Party after saying something racist? Well, if you’re a true redneck conservative like Don Yelton, from North Carolina, you stay true to self. Yes, you don’t apologize. Yes, no need to save face or even to help reshape the already minority-adverse image of the Republican Party.
That’s right, forget about the party’s recent attempts at minority outreach. Instead, what you do is, well, simply say some more racist shit because that’s how you roll. Besides, it’s not like those KKK robes are made of Kinte cloth.

The North Carolina GOP official who was asked to resign Thursday over a racially charged comment he made in a “Daily Show” interview doesn’t regret the remark — rather, he thinks the Republican Party has “no guts.”

Don Yelton was asked to resign his post as a Republican precinct chairman after criticizing “lazy black people that wants the government to give them everything” in a Wednesday interview about North Carolina’s voter ID law with “Daily Show” correspondent Aasif Mandvi.

Appearing on Asheville radio station WWNC Thursday, Yelton accused the show of taking his comment out of context with a cut-and-paste editing job.

Don Yelton
Don Yelton

“They created an illusion that I was just personally had an agenda against the blacks, tried to make it talking about racism rather than the real issue of illegal voting,” Yelton told host Pete Kaliner, dodging the question of whether or not his interview advanced his case for voter ID laws.

Asked if the comment was worth making, Yelton said yes, because it made him realize the Republican party has “no guts.”

“I’ll resign my position as precinct chair gladly, I’ll give it up — the heck with it, I don’t want to be part of a group that is that mealy-mouthed and that gutless,” he later added. (source)

That’s right, you keep it real as any good ole boy from the south would do. That’s right. You go all out and you don’t hold back. Instead, you toss around a few n-words while you complain about how the Republican Party leaders have “no guts,” for not supporting your not-so-nice words about “lazy black people that wants the government to give them everything,” in yet another interview — this time with Why? Because that’s how a Republican is supposed to represent in what some consider the most progressive state in the south. Yes, because nobody does it better than Don Yelton when it comes to putting the red in red state and redneck. After all, Yelton just said what they all believe and think, no? I’m only asking because as Yelton — and pretty much every right-winger who makes racist comments — said, his comments were taken out of context. And lord forbid if the liberal media would do such a thing.

“When a n—– can use the word n—– and it not be considered racist, that’s the utmost racism in the world, and it’s hypocrisy,” he said.

[…] He told that his local Republican party, which he had called “gutless” for asking him to resign, should have spun his “Daily Show” interview to show the party accepts all points of view.

“They can turn it into a positive if they want to,” Yelton said. “The party does not try to control the speech of individuals. That’s the point they could have made. You have to let people have an opinion.” (source)

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